Monday, December 28, 2009

percutian yang amat seronok!

it was supposed to be a.hud & k she's honeymoon. but, it ended up aku n iqah pun muncul sekali. ini semua gara-gara the spooky house. hihi. sangat-sangat best! the breathtaking view berjaya melapangkan fikiran yang agak kusut kebelakangan ni. alf syukran abg hud n kak she ^_^ (iqah too, for making me realize how talented i am in taking the pics. hee)

so, who's next? hihi

Sunday, December 27, 2009

mabruk, ya akhi!

Muhammad Hud & Nur Hasiba
18th dec 2009 / 1 muharram 1431 hjr
kota bharu, kelantan

congrats abg hud n kak she. berakhir sudah zaman bujang abangku yang seorang ini. hihi. semoga sentiasa beroleh mawaddah dan rahmah.

Barakallahu lakuma... barakallahu 'alaikuma... wa
jama'a bainakuma fii khair

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

mencintai bumi UIAM

this semester will be my final semester in IIUM. to be frank, only now i do realize how grateful i am to be in this garden of knowldege and virtue...

how i end up studying in here
menyorot kembali sejarah lama... lepas spm, dapat offer ke pusat asasi UM. tapi, aku berkeras kat mak n bapak, aku taknak pergi sebab nak tunggu offer UIA. (haha... i don't know what's in my mind at that moment... yang aku tau, aku mesti masuk UIA, even though i know nothing about UIA... humm, apakah?^_^)

my best years
i can say that being in matric pj for two years was my best years of life. i really love the environment. tempat yang aku sungguh gilai dan rindui -the LIBRARY-. bila takde kelas, sangat-sangat suka duduk di library. yang pelik, bukan untuk study subjek-subjek pelajaran, tapi searching for all genre of books. tempat baca surat khabar, a.k.a. "kapal terbang" (kak timah n ija should know this) pun dah cukup untuk menghiburkan hati aku. other than that, konsert nasyeed yang sangat banyak! i think i never miss any one of it. hoho. semua pun aku layan
ramadhan.... kenangan yang teramatlah indah apabila berterawikh di masjid sebelah UIA tu. not only during ramadhan, even waktu-waktu biasa pun rasa terpanggil-panggil untuk ke masjid tu (walaupun sisters takdela berpeluang untuk ke sana sekerap brothers... hu. sigh~)

what can i say after i entered kuantan campus? masjid? dari first year sampaila dah final semester ni, tiang-tiang ceracak masih lagi tersergam indah... library? buku-buku yang ada, tersangatlah limited... konsert nasyid? boleh dibilang dengan jari...

ria said: maka bersyukurlah!
apa yang tiada sering dikesalkan. inilah fitrah manusia, kan? tapi aku tak mau jadi manusia yang kufur. maka, hum, bersyukurla dengan apa yang ada di bumi UIAM ni. rasa sangat teruja bila baca entry dalam blog ibu neli menara gading..menara ilmu... al-azhar, havard dan uiam.

my dear friends,
people look up upon us- the IIUM graduants! UIAM berjaya melahirkan ramai para ilmuan. Triple ICE, satu konotasi yangtak mungkin aku jumpa di mana-mana universiti pun kat Malaysia ni. by holding firmly on the IIUM vision and mission, percayalah, anda bisa menjadi seorang Muslim yang super hebat! (kalau tak percaya, check semula visi dan misi UIAM. hihi)

manfaatkan segala apa yang kita perolehi di bumi UIAM ni. even though we may not find the true picture of IIUM among some of the residents, why don't we, ourselves become the true image of IIUM itself - potraying the true colours of IIUM - the garden of knowledge and virtue

note: pastinya jadul ber'bulu' bila baca entry aku kali ni.. hahaha

Friday, November 13, 2009

Becoming a housewife?

i came accross a very interesting article written by Maria Zain in Forward magazine (Issue 41, Nov 2009); entitled The Dying Birth Rate - and its abstract debate.

i will not be nagging about how exactly men and women are responsible for the declining birth rate, etc, but i would like to share a very interesting point that really caught my attention..

"for women who want to stay at home for the sake of their children, they should be allowed to, without being belittled or marginalised. feminists have been busy campaigning for equal rights to education and employment. so women should have the equal rights to be home-makers if they wish to be" Maria Zain

being forced to go to work
i heard too many opinions regarding this issue from my colleagues. and don't be surprise if i can conclude that 3/4 of them have a dream of becoming a housewife. some may find it as the best way to find serenity, and the other may find it as a way out from their stressful life as a student (i.e. quit from studies, get married and stay at home. is it as simple as this?).

apparently, most women out there are being forced to go to work, especially due to the social expectation, where women should venture outside of their homes and search for employment. familiar with these statements?

"it's good to work"

"it's great to earn money, especially when you had already put all your effort in your studies. if you don't go to work, it will be such a waste."

"it's for your own good. at least you will have 'back up' if something happen to your spouse"

successful women are always seen as those depicted with flourishing careers, a late marriage and even later children. while women who stay at home, cook family meals and keep the house clean are perceived as uneducated and not have the qualification to get a job.

it's pretty pathetic that most of the women out there work because the surrounding expect them to work (not because of their own passion or interest). their parents expect them to work. their in laws expect them to work, the government expect them to work, and even sometimes the husband expect them to work as well. in short, women are being discouraged from taking care of their family home and their children.

make your own choice
it doesn't matter whether a woman goes to work or not. it is just a matter of how the woman play her roles effectively, either at the office or at home. it would be great if a woman can jump into the society, contribute her skills and wisdom for the betterment of the ummah; but to look down on those who stay at home, doing the full-time childbearing chores; is totally not a right thing to do. don't forget that the "good housewives" are the ones that contribute in creating a loving environment at home and producing more high quality human capitals to our nation for the next generation.

thus, we should not expect that every woman to go to work nor every woman should be a housewife because every individual is different, thus making every family unique. instead, make your own choice. figure out which will bring out the best within you. there is no right or wrong answer in this case. create better lines for open communication within the marriage so that you and your spouse will come to a consensus to make the best decision.

note: me? please don't ask ^_^. now, i am still struggling to finalize the proposal for my final year project. having 3 minutes of consultation with prof kamaruzaman is so worth it. even though we have to make zillions of appoinments (the price we have to pay since he is the campus director ^_^), i am so glad to have him as my supervisor (mode bersemangat). plus, have to work on our resume during this semester break. resume? (diminishing the thought of becoming a housewife??? haha)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Labbaikallahumma labbaik...

"i saw a local Arab who was looking for his shoes. when he couldn't find it, he looked at me and said with a grin on his face "Alhamdulillah", "sadaqah".

instead of getting upset and cursing, he is thankful and considers that he just made a donation. it was a miracle that he can remain thankful even something bad has happened to him and he had to walk home barefoot. this kind of things is something that you read in books on the character of the Prophet s.a.w and his companions but I witnessed it being practiced with my own eyes."

this was an experience of a man who was so baffled as to what good deeds he had done to deserve him of being in the most blessed place on earth, Baitullah.

being "honoured" by Allah
All the pilgrims are actually the 'honoured' guests of Allah. it is wrong if they they have the thought that they are worthy to be in the holy city because they have done substantial 'amal' to deserve such an honour. Allah is the One that had chosen them to be there.

Long list of supplication
i could still remember a few years back, when my uncle and aunt went to Mecca for hajj. they were asking me what i would like to entrust them to make supplication. "erm, 4 flats for every semester, and becoming more prosperous". it was simply uttered out and thus my supplication was included along with other "worldly" long list of supplications that they brought to hajj.

only now then, i do realize how most of us are longing for divine intervention in the worldly problems we are facing: cure of sickness, better wealth and prosperity, securing government contract, good zauj/ah and so on.

it's very rare to find people entrusted the pilgrims to ask for forgiveness for them. i myself at that moment did not put repentance as my first priority. what i falied to realized at that moment was that the only thing that a servant should really wish for with all his/her heart is forgiveness for all the mischief he/she have done on this earth. the most precious thing that one can have is the realization of repentance.

only now, we seek for His help
most of us pray the obligatory five daily prayers and if we do anything extra, it is because we want something from Him. we never miss tahajjud during our examination period. we refrain ourselves from the sinful gossips (is there any permissible gossip? ^_^), and other side activities that may distract our focus to finish revising the 4 months' syllabus in just 2 days. how pious we have turn into during this examination season. oh, how i wish everyday is examination day so that i can be pious all the time. ^_^

if we want to have a prosperous and good life, put the Creator first before anything else and have the conviction that whatever happens , it is for the best and Allah is for surely the best of planners.

p/s: happy eid everybody (walaupun lambat lagi). i can't explain how i feel whenever is see the sea of pilgrims in their white ihram, around the ka'abah. how lucky they are. i wonder when i will be invited by Him to be there. when i will be able to set foot n the holiest mosque and ask for forgiveness for all my sins. will i be able to be there before the 'ajl comes and take away my last breath?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ICU yang sangat menarik!

4 days in ICU. superb! sangat-sangat menyukai semua staffnurse yang bukan saja competent tapi sangat-sangat baik dan peramah. "tak sangka ada jugak staffnurse yang baik macam ni kat H...(no offense ye? hihi)", i uttered this during my first day in the ICU. sampai je kat ICU, terus tagging dengan staffnurse yang incharge for each patient. me n dayah tagged with S/N norani and what else could i say? she is extremely nice!

one to one, nurse to patient ratio
the best thing in ICU is that the patient will receive complete care and attention by the nurse. patient akan ditatang bagai minyak yang penuh. even when there's a single drop of blood on the bedshhet, the staffnurse will right away change it into a clean one. bagus kan? alcohol hand rub, tak pernah rasanya aku hand rub sekerap ni before aku masuk ICU. huhu.

drama suami mithali
a female patient, with Diabetes Mellitus, Chronic Renal Failure and also heart disease. umur, dalam 50++ i guessed (since this is not my patient, huu). si suami akan datang setiap pagi untuk buat peritoneal dialysis kat isteri dia. sangat setia menunggu si isteri. even when she was mumbling, crying for pain, si suami akan tetap sabar memujuk si isteri.

part paling sayu (i cried when i saw this), si suami tepuk-tepuk dada isteri bila si isteri macam sesak nafas, sambil berbisik kata-kata pujukan supaya si isteri bersabar. "jadul, tengok tu. nanti kalau dah jadi suami, jadi la suami yang macam ni. ada lagi ke suami macam ni zaman sekarang? time cantik memangla sayang, kalau isteri dah kedut2, sayang lagi ke? tengok pakcik tu. isteri die dah sakit tenat, plus, kaki kena amputate pulak tu, tapi still lagi setia dengan isteri dia", aku membebel kat jadul. huhu

jadul jawab simple je,"ada lagi lelaki macam ni."

hmm, i'm wandering, imagining myself at the makcik's place 3o years to come (nau'zubillah). suami aku akan jaga aku macam tu ke? hurmm... Allah knows the best. yang penting, aku sendiri kena contohi kesetiaan dan kesabaran pakcik tu. don't expect anything from your spouse, instead equip yourself to be the best as you can. ^_^

overall, ICU memang sangat best. now i'm in HOSHAS, doing my management posting. taktaula apa akan jadi time night shift next week. hu

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

minal a'idin wal faizin...

making some reflections regarding this phrase on me...

dua bulan yang lepas, aku terasa berada di dunia yang asing. terasa seolah-olah hidup kami, students year 4 hanya berada di dalam kelas dan library. lemas, rimas dan lelah. our misery finally ended on the last day before we went back for hari raya break. but, i bet it will continue right after this eid break is over (assignment on health economics, preparation for running assessment in ICU during our posting there, proposal for final year project, and proposal regarding u41 issue-sori mr president, i tak sempat nak siapkan lagi. huhu-)

mode raya sememangnya dah hilang. bila sahabat-sahabat tak putus-putus mengucapkan minal a'idin wal faizin, aku tak berhenti-henti jugak mengucapkan amin. semoga dalam aku disibukkan dengan urusan2 duniawi tu, ada juga saham di akhirat andai niat aku melakukannya hanya untuk menegakkan deen yang tercinta. ameen T_T

ramadhan bulan tarbiah
orang selalu kata Ramadhan bulan tarbiah. for me, ramadhan memang bulan tarbiah. tapi medan jihad yang sebenar adalah 11 bulan yang berikutnya. mampukah kita terus istiqamah dengan amalan-amalan yang dilakukan dalam satu tahun yang berikutnya. dalam ramadhan kita boleh baca dan tadabbur al-Quran almost every time, tapi dalam bulan-bulan yang lain? dalam bulan ramadhan, kita mengejar solat jemaah setiap waktu, tapi dalam bulan-bulan lain? dalam ramadhan, kita berqiamullail setiap hari, dalam bulan-bulan yang lain? ramadhan kita mengunci mulut, hati, mata dan segala anggota dari segala pintu maksiat, tapi dalam bulan-bulan yang lain?

insan mulia pasca ramadhan
jom sama-sama tanam azam untuk jadi insan mulia pasca ramadhan. andai terlepas peluang mendapat keizzahan ramadhan, gunakan peluang bulan-bulan yang seterusnya untuk jadi Muslim terbaik. yang paling penting, cuba untuk jadi yang terbaik pada setiap masa, bukan hanya pada bulan Ramadhan saja. ~_^ semoga kita benar-benar tergolong di kalangan a'idin wal faizin. ameen^_^

Friday, September 4, 2009

Diari Ramadhanku....

Alhamdulillah, berkesempatan juga menulis di blog kesayangan. hampir setiap hari aku dijamah dengan presentations. lemah longlai badan terpaksa menyiapkan segala tugasan. lagi-lagi di kala laptop kesayangan mula meragam. mary kata, "anniversary eh, hum?" (gara-gara insiden malang laptop aku pada ramadhan yang lepas. huhu). sabar saja atas segala musibah. dah immune? perhaps.

sayonara, NurSS...
working with all the board members memang seronok. especially, bila ada meeting ad hoc di kalangan mainboard. surely i will remembber all those moments. hopefully, the new line up will be able to carry out the responsibilities much more efficiently. all the best, everybody! paling sayu, bila serah fail kat shikin (the new VP 1). shikin kata, "lepas ni awak takde, tinggal kita sorang-sorang". huh, sangat sayu. you are not alone my dear sister. yang pasti Allah sentiasa bersama kamu.

with all the mainboard of NurSS 08/09 (before our last meeting with DDSA)

my last Ramadhan with them...
dalam kesibukan menyiapkan segala tugasan, sempat juga me n my classmates berkelah di depan masjid negeri untuk ifthar bersama. sangat-sangat sweet.

bila dah final year ni, mudah benar aku beras sayu. sikit-sikit rasa macam syahdu je. mungkin jugak sebab dah sampai level geront punye group. bila grad, mesti takde dah nak rase pengalaman-pengalaman yang best mcm waktu belajar ni. that's why i'm trying my best to cherish all the remaining time, while i am still an undergraduate student. akanku gagahkan jugak diri untuk menghabiskan satu tahun yang terakhir. usaha keras ye, humm!

p/s: berusaha memanfaatkan Ramadhan yang berbaki...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Gasping for air

Ramadhan kareem...

running out of time to complete all the assignments, presentations and all the preparations before NurSS AGM. i'm already suffocate.

Ya Rabb, bless us to undergo this difficult time. Hoping that all this 'buzy'ness will not affect our quest of searching the true blessings from HIM.

Selamat beribadah ^_^

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hero sebenar...

one of my favourite subjects in this semester - Issues in Nursing.
most probably sebab Sr Arbaktun berjaya mengupas topik yang diajar dengan begitu menarik dan kritikal.

satu demi satu isu yang dikemukakan Sr Arbaktun di dalam kelas. isu PLKN, antara keberkesanan dan pembaziran. yang paling menyayat hati, isu 'masalah sikap' sebilangan kakitangan jabatan agama, yang dilihat terlalu memandang enteng aduan-aduan yang dikemukakan pasangan-pasangan yang mengalami masalah rumahtangga.

si A: "saya ada masalah dengan suami saya. saya dah tak boleh tahan dah. dah lama saya bersabar. apa yang boleh saya buat?"
si B: "cuba awak rujuk pada jabatan agama."

sampai di jabatan agama...
staff: "sabar dulu ya, puan. pasti ada jalan penyelesaian. puan balik dulu, bincang dengan suami"

adakah respon staf jabatan agama ini salah?

failure in assessing the human needs...
sekiranya masalah yang dihadapi oleh si A only involving trivial matters, mungkin respon itu bertepatan. what if si A already had been abused for the past one year by her husband? then, berfungsikah jabatan agama sebagai pusat umat Islam mendapatkan perlindungan dan sokongan?

they just want to seek for refuge...
jangan kita terlalu lantang menuding jari pada golongan liberalists, e.g. Sisters in Islam, sekiranya kita sendiri gagal mengoptimakan fungsi jabatan agama dan NGO-NGO Islam seumpamanya. pendekatan aktivis-aktivis Sisters in Islam yang lebih santai, mesra dan prihatin menjadi kunci utama lebih ramai wanita yang mecari sumber perlindungan dan hak asasi daripada golongan mereka.

i am a bit shocked when i watched 3R and one of the SIS's activists talked about syariah perundangan keluarga Islam (and she is not even wearing hijab!). Mereka dilihat sebagai hero yang mempertahankan hak-hak wanita Islam, sedangkan sudah terang lagi bersuluh ada beberapa perkara yang jelas bertentangan dengan hukum Islam yang sebenar.

Muncullah hero-hero yang sebenar!
dalam diam, aku mahu menjadi sebahagian daripada hero-hero itu. bukan kemahsyuran yang aku mahukan. bukan juga puji-pujian yang aku dambakan. dengan ilmu yang sekelumit cuma, aku mahu semua insan-insan sejenisku melayari kehidupan di atas jalan yang benar lagi lurus. aku tidak mahu mereka menjadi mangsa-mangsa kerakusan sebilangan kaum adam yang gagal membuktikan ke'lelaki'an mereka yang sebenar.

kalau kita mampu menjadi lemah lembut dan begitu bersantun di hadapan kaum adam, mengapa kita tidak lebih prihatin dan jauh lebih mesra apabila berhadapan kaum sejenis?

berusaha menjadi insan yang lebih 'approachable'.. ^_^

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Menghitung hari...

Menghitung hari...
kapankah sakit tekak dan selsemaku akan surut? dah rimas sebab kena pakai mask almost every time, esp bila naik public transport (paling tak suka bila jadi centre of attention)

Menghitung hari...
bilakah idea-idea bernas akan muncul untuk assignmentsku yang super banyak itu

Menghitung hari...
masa sudah suntuk untuk aku bermalas-malasan di rumah. banyak tugasan yang menanti di bumi Kuantan. hmm..

Menghitung hari...
when does this pandemic outbreak will be over?

one week off for all nursing students. a bless? perhaps. tapi bila memikirkan kelas-kelas yang terpaksa diganti nanti, rasa berdenyut-denyut kepala. huhu.

i received a call from Kulliyyah's office when i was handling the NurSS's meeting during that afternoon. (pidot couldn't make it as he was already got viral fever).
me: "oh, so semua students cuti sampai isnin ni?"
kak shikin: "nursing students saja. tolong inform kawan-kawan yang lain ye."
me: "ok, kak. tapi esok kitorang ada kelas dengan students allied. nak kena pergi jugak ke?"
kak shikin: "tak payah. pesan kat semua buat self-study ya."
me: "ok. thanks akak"

that's the beginning of it all. bermula dengan the 'fever outbreak' among first year students, then, mendapat arahan dari admin untuk bercuti. di'extend' pulak selama seminggu. hmm..

NOTE: bersabarlah di atas ujian ini. walaupun jadul kata semua ni bala, pasti ada hikmah di sebalik semuanya. ada 'ibrah yang boleh diambil.

1. Peliharalah alam sekitar (say no to open burning, smoking or any type of actions that may lead to pollution). ada doctor yang kata, ramai orang kena demam tropika (most probably sebab cuaca yang agak teruk sekarang ni. boleh tengok berita kat tv, betapa sangat tidak sihatnya bacaan indeks pencemaran udara kat Malaysia sekarang ni)

2. being extra hygienic (tv pun selalu pesan supaya basuh tangan properly. credits to all nurses sebab dah biasa basuh tangan dengan tertibnya - for those yang memang amalkan saja. ^_~)

3. tanda-tanda akhir zaman. perlu usaha keras untuk menambah bekal ke akhirat sana.

4. Mungkin Allah nak bagi kita rehat n banyak-banyak ingat pada Dia. mungkin sebelum2 ni kita terlampau sibuk dengan urusan dunia, sampai kita tak sedar pun yang kita dah hampir burn out. Mungkin. Allahu 'a'lam

and He Knows the best!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My fellow groupmates...

yesterday we had presented our second group assignment for this semester. it was a FORUM on the issues of nursing. sangat-sangat menyukai sesi semalam yang santai dan amat menghiburkan. (especially when it comes to the part kitorang menggayakan tangan sambil melaung, "Naddy Winfree Show!!!"). a very creative idea suggested by Naddy. ditambah pulak, special apperance from Ministry of Health, India (pidot). haha. "infliunce (supposed to be influence), yus (supposed to be youth)".

After the Forum
"Nurses roles in the Elimination of Substance Abuse Among Youngsters"

a glimpse about our group
ditubuhkan pada 1st year, 1st semester (disusun oleh Sr Rubbya) n terus melekat guna group yang sama for most of any group assignment. comprised of pidot (mangsa buli dan bebelan all the sisters yang sememangnya kuat bercakap ^_^), naddy (the sentimental, and poetic girl in the group), chah (the sweet one, merangkap peng'edit' video yang berjaya, protege Steven Spielberg. hihi), Dayah (the dilligent girl, pencari sources yang berjaya. cukup tekun memfotostat bahan-bahan assignment untuk kawan2 segroup) and last but not least, me.

Role Play
our first role play for Therapeutic Communcation subject was indeed the beginning of our memorable moments together. chah was awarded as "the best actress"(berjaya mebuat prof KZ n sr Rubbya menangis. huhu). rasanya aku terlebih poyo (as the nurse) pulak dalam cerita ni. hihi. then, the movie was again presented during our class with allied health students. sangat2 malu.*_*

then, our second role play for community health subject was about family support. watak utama, pidot, as the eldest son in the family. solat sekali, makan sekali, n siap main futsal sekali, huhu. memang tak bisa lupa saat-saat itu.

our last role play so far, was about mental health. naddy berjaya membawa watak schizophrenic teenage girl. siap dengan scene2 romantik Ikmal (Pidot) dan Maria (Naddy). haha. memang sangat kelakar, especially bila pidot tetiba pandai berlakon (sebab kene bebel dengan chah. hikhik)

in short, our role play presentations takdelah segempak group2 lain, tapi the process of making it was superb ^_^

terima seadanya
the best thing that flourish in this group is... semua orang selalu terima setiap ahli kumpulan seadanya. tq friends for always bear with my "busyness" (terpaksa tunda discussion sebab aku ada nonstoppable meetings). huhu. tq jugak sebab give all your full committment. the marks that we got from the group assignments, really2 helped!

the chemistry
in whatever type of relationship pun, the 'chemistry bond' should be strong enough to encounter any type of difficulties. bear in mind, that we are dealing with persons here, not robots. find ways to strengthen the bond and try to lift up the potentials of each of the members. the differences among the members is the one that make the group unique and that's the beauty of it all.
(Refer to the 8th Habit by Stephen R. Covey: Find Your Voice and Influence Others to Find Theirs)

p/s: some might say that i wrote too much about my friends. haha. i don't care because i love to. ^_^

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aku Ingin Mencintai-Mu

Title: Aku Ingin MencintaiMu
Album : Muhasabah cinta
Munsyid : Edcouctic

Tuhan betapa aku malu atas semua yang Kau beri
padahal diriku terlalu sering membuatMU kecewa
entah mungkin karna ku terlena
sementara Engkau beri aku kesempatan berulang kali agar aku kembali
dalam fitrahku sebagai manusia untuk menghambakanMU
betapa tak ada apa-apanya aku dihadapanMU

aku ingin mencintaiMU
setulusnya,sebenar-benar aku cinta
dalam do'a dalam ucapan dalam setiap langkahku
aku ingin mendekatiMU selamanya
sehina apapun diriku
kuberharap untuk bertemu denganMU ya Rabbi

Note: addicted to this song (Naddy, you infliunce (gaya pidot cakap 'influence' ^_^) me too much. haha. btw, tq. can't wait to be in the forum with with you n the rest)

p/s: sorry. tak sempat nak upload video. edcouctic-aku ingin mencintaiMu

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Wonderful Beginning..

Alhamdulillah, these past few days had been among the most exciting days in my life. i finally able to go back on the track (means to study in the class without any distraction nor doing other 'extra' tasks at the back of the class. still can't forget how I lost all those adab in seeking knowledge by doing so during my previous horrible semester. my worst nightmare ever.).

Allah is near to your jugular vein (Qaf:16)
this Quranic quotation was repeatedly emphasized by our dearest lecturer, Sr Rubbya since we were in 2nd year. again, she showed us the same slide presentation during our first entrance into this garden of knowledge and virtue. weirdly enough, i still love listening to all her lectures (even though some may categorize it as nagging. huhu). very inspiring, underlies beneath it a very deep meaning that one has to squeeze his brain to find the wisdom behind her words.

the best nursing issue ever...
it was about Paradigm of Islamic Medicine and Hospital , where she took the gist of the topic from Ust Hasrizal's article(kindly refer to his original article on this topic). i love to read it up to the point where i couldn't help to continuously reading about it after the class ended (sangat-sangat best!). herewith i copied some of Ustaz Hasrizal's point of view regarding this topic.

Islamic and unIslamic Medical Systems

  • Is that which is termed Islamic medicine restricted only to methods related to ruqyah treatment using Quranic verses?

  • Is it only for the use of herbs with names related to the family of the Prophet saw like Ali and Fatimah? (Tongkat Ali, Kacip fatimah...)

  • If we utilize the knowledge contained in Kumar & Clark's book, Clinical Medicine, is that considered unIslamic? Are only the texts of al-Tibb al-Nabawi by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya considered valid Islamic medical texts?

It's all Allah's laws. That two hydrogen and one oxygen molecules come together to form water is Allah's law. Therefore, products and systems built upon these principles are also from Allah. It is Islamic, even though discovered by Alexander Fleming.

Therefore, Islamic medicine is the medicine that cures, regardless of whether it is a product of Ireland, Germany, China, or Malaysia. As long as it cures it is Islamic medicine. It is a hikmah (wisdom) that the mukmin should utilize.

Islamic Hospital

Does an Islamic hospital have to be named with an Arabic or Islamic name before being classified as an Islamic hospital?

A hospital, its islamic values comes from effective treatment options, excellent patient care, competent staff members, and efforts to help its Muslim patients carry out their ibadah. In fact, an Islamic Hopsital should also be one which offers help to its non-Muslim patients to obtain services from their own religion chaplains. These are the Islamic values a hospital should espouse.

Final Year Project
Dr Laith entered our class today and briefed a little bit about our FYP. i have already feel the excitement of doing this research. my adrenaline was running up high (most likely because i am planning to do the research at my hometown. yeah, Bangi yang makmur!). despite all the hardships that i have to face in running this research, i do believe that lots and lots of benefits i can obtain from it (time and financial management, and also nurturing myself with patience and calmness in facing any difficulties). may Allah ease all of our noble effort in seeking the precious knowledge.

p/s: i would like to welcome all the first year students of IIUM, especially to our beloved bro n sis of Kulliyyah of Nursing. ^_^

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Don't be sad!

"Today is all that you have. Organize the hours of the day, so that you make years out of minutes and months out of seconds. Seek forgiveness from your Lord, remember Him, prepare for the final parting from this world, and live today happily and at peace"
~'Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni~

Sangat-sangat menyukai kata-kata ni. it describes the whole thing that i should do before going back to Kuantan (ala, suddenly feeling some sort of uneasiness inside my chest. my emotional vacation is over. huhu)

menikmati sisa-sisa terakhir keberadaan di rumah. juga, merancang dengan lebih teliti perjalanan semester depan. no more lament, hum!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cuppies mode again

especially for maryam & athiq

2nd attempt for Zul & Ainur

totally satisfied. puas! walaupun minggu ni agak memenatkan, again, the cupcakes relieved all the strains. sangat2 menyukai roses itu ^_^

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bersahabat sampai ke syurga

setelah hampir 2 minggu ber'hibernasi' di rumah, keluar juga aku akhirnya. perjalanan hujung minggu kali ni sungguh menyentuh hati.

NANSA 2nd Meeting
Alhamdulillah, segala perancangan berjalan dengan lancar. program yang sepatutnya berlangsung selama 2 hari berjaya di'ekspres'kan selama satu hari sahaja. two thumbs up for my dearest friend, Fiey, for gathering the representatives from the nursing schools in this meeting. being the so called 'pioneers' of this association surely need lots and lots of sacrifices and hard work, but i'm quite optimist that within this one year, all of us will be able to get the juniors well prepared to run the association. (optimistic: pengaruh kuat daripada perumal) ^_^

Perasaan yang aneh...
masa yang berbaki sehari, aku manfaatkan untuk bertemu sahabat-sahabat di gombak. ada beberapa individu yang aku teringin sangat untuk berjumpa, sehinggakan berdebar-debar tatkala beberapa saat sebelum mata bertentang mata (humm! apakah ini? ^_~)

words of wisdom by amni
amni, my roommate in matric, pj. i'd never met her since i went to kuantan. owh, rindu. a special friend that really taught me to treasure the knowledge. kalau ada student uia yang begitu menyanjung tinggi pada ilmu, amni lah orangnya. kalau ada student uia yang paling hormat dan selalu rujuk pada mu'allimnya, amni lah orangnya. dalam sehari, topik-topik perbualan amni mostly akan berkisar tentang subjek2 pelajarannya (hadith, al-Quran) dan ustaz n ustazah yang mengajar. tak pernah rasanya aku dengar amni mengumpat. hmmm..

on the lovely sunday morning, aku bergegas ke bilik amni (tak tau kenapa berdebar yang teramat sebelum jumpa amni. huhu), cuba untuk tak mengganggu rancangan amni ke library. she's still the same. the same dilligent, brilliant and nicest girl i've ever met. she did asked me a few questions, tapi aku jawab ala kadar. instead, aku yang tanya soalan bertalu-talu. sangat-sangat teruja bila dengar amni berceloteh. aneh sungguh perasaan ni! aku nak dengar amni bercerita lagi dan lagi. but, i know, it's time to leave. amni gave me the best souvenir of all. amni janji nak hantar email pasal article2 yang amni tulis sepanjang amni jadi RA. ^_^ . nak jadi hebat macam amni.

susah senang bersama
lepas balik dari gombak, aku bergegas pulang. ada janji yang perlu ditunaikan. teman siti (kawan baik aku sejak tadika, yang jugak jiran aku. hihi. selang sebuah rumah.) ke klia, to fetch up hajar and her friends.

sekali lagi, perasaan aneh tu muncul kembali. borak-borak dengan siti sepanjang perjalanan ke klia. aku rasa cukup tenang, ditambah pulak dengan jalanraya yang agak lengang dan bayu malam yang dingin. serious rasa macam dalam drama. watak utama, aku dan siti. hihi.

bila kecik2 dulu, kalau kena marah ngan mak atau bapak, aku akan mengadu kat siti. sampai nangis2 mengadu kat siti. like an elder sister of mine, siti akan pujuk and bagi nasihat-nasihat yang tak mungkin orang sebaya aku akan beri. sampaikan kalau nak pergi lawatan mana-mana pun, kalau aku cakap siti ada, guarantee mak akan kasi pergi. (macam babysitter pulak rasanya)

bila masuk sekolah menengah, masuk kelas arab dengan siti. i still remember that she wrote an essay about her bestfriend. no surprise, it was me that she wrote about. hihi. terharu sangat2 dah time tu. siti yang mula-mula ajar aku pakai socks, pakai long sleeves bila start masuk sekolah menengah, pakai tudung tutup dada and we do share the same interest, NASYID!! pendek kata, siti ni ala-ala ustazah peribadi aku. huhu.

i grow up with her. masuk sekolah rendah yang sama, form 1-form 3 pun sekolah n kelas yang sama. masuk form 4, aku masuk kisas, siti masuk smap kajang. siti sedih sebab nak masuk kisas sekali ngan aku (sebenarnya aku yang sedih, sebab siti takleh nak jaga aku surat yang jadi penghubung. then, siti ke DQ and we finally meet again in IIUM.

bila aku nangis, she will wipe away my tears immediately. i just can't imagine who am i right now, if she is not around. hebat sungguh percaturan Allah. thank you Allah for this wonderful gift that You grant on me.

Persahabatan atas nama Allah (ustaz Adlan Abd. Aziz):
"persahabatan yang tidak dicemari langsung apa-apa niat tidak baik atau kepentingan diri atau prasangka dan perbuatan buruk"

Kalau ustaz hasrizal kata, suami isteri kena usaha untuk bercinta sampai ke syurga, sungguh, aku mahu bersahabat dengan sahabat-sahabat aku ni sampai ke syurga! dah selalu sangat aku baca orang menulis pasal sahabat-sahabat mereka yang baik setelah mereka 'tiada'. selagi mereka masih ada, i want to dedicate my deepest appreciation to all my friends out there for simply being my friends.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Homeless to Harvard

iqah tukar channel bila aku ke dapur. "ish, kacau daun sungguh", aku mengomel sebab tengah tengok kartun barbie (tolonglah, hum. barbie???). malas nak bising-bising di pagi ahad yang indah. layan je la. so, here is the story.

Homeless to Harvard (synopsis)
Based on a true story. Liz Murray, the daughter of a loving but extremely dysfunctional Bronx family. Liz is a young girl who is taken care of by her loving, but drug-addicted parents. Liz becomes homeless at 15 and after a tragedy comes upon her, she begins her work to finish high school. Though she started high school later than most students, and remained without a stable home while supporting herself and her sister, Murray graduated in only two years. She was awarded a New York Times scholarship for needy students and accepted into Harvard University.

Never give up spirit
she has this spirit that miraculously accompany her to face all the hardships. even her own best friend doubted whether she can go to university. but, she has this 'i don't care' attittude that later changed her life forever. (kedegilan yang membawa kepada kejayaan. ^_^)

love your parents no matter what!
during the interview for the scholarship, Liz Murry mentioned that she loves her mother so much. she will always remember how her mom used to love her (before her mom was indulged with drug and later develop schizophrenia and died).

i am so in love with this story. mungkin jugak sebab zaman kecil-kecil dulu pernah berangan nak masuk harvard (sebab nampak macam pandai). haha. aku suka semangat liz yang bersungguh-sungguh dan know exactly what she wants to achieve. ending of the story pun best. liz kata (lebih kurang la ye), dia ceritakan kisah dia kat semua orang sebab nak kurangkan bebanan yang dia tanggung. supaya semua orang dapat sama-sama tanggung bebanan yang dia alami. cerdik kan?

p/s: sedangkan orang yang 'homeless' pun boleh masuk harvard, kita yang hidup dengan nikmat yang mencurah-curah ni? hmmm.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

'mak cik' mode is finally over

both of my nephews had already went back to sabah. no more listening to the high pitch screaming of yusuf, and also no more drypers with yasir's poop to be changed. going to miss them for sure.

yusuf in his 'good' mood

dah start nak buka kelas vokal (scream, yusuf! hihi)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A&E versus OT

2 weeks in A&E and also 2 weeks in OT. both are specialized areas, but i would rather be in A&E than in the cold, dull OT (jahat!!). both have their own pros n cons, but i think i "grew up" faster in A&E compared to OT.

Deras, dik! Deras!
this is the common sentence that the staffnurses in A&E ever said or yelled to us. haha. the first time i heard this, "Deras?" mumbling by myself, tried not to blurt it out loudly. "isn't it supposed to be used for running water, eg: air sungai yang deras. isn' it?"how lumpy i was. deras means cepat, hurry up! hihi.

it was such a tremendous experience for us whenever we encountered any case of suspected H1N1. huhu. wearing the mask for most of the time in the emergency department made us 'cool' enough to scare all the other patients. hihi.

the longest operation that i witnessed was thyroidectomy, which took more than 4 hours to finish. huh. didn't have any idea how exactly the surgeons can stand still long enough up to more tha 5 hours! (tabik spring ^_^). but at least the surgeon did recognized me and he did explained a little bit about the operation to us.

cries of the babies in OT
this was the best part of being in OT. the soothing sound of the babies crying, gasping for air ^_^ reminded me of the sweet memories that i had at the labor room. lots n lots of lscs cases during our shift (best sangat2). i even got the chance to be the circulating nurse (in about 10 minutes, seriously, no other staffnurse as the circulating nurse ^_^) and helped out the scrub nurse. wheeee!

the clinical posting in this semester was awesome! however, one month of having an ample time for rest at home is much more TREMENDOUSLY WONDERFUL! hihi. need to rejuvenate myself before the new semester begins and entitle as the final year student. hmmm....

Sunday, May 31, 2009

World No Tobacco Day 2009

The theme of World No Tobacco Day 2009 is "Tobacco Health Warnings", with an emphasis on the picture warnings that have been shown to be particularly effective at making people aware of the health risks of tobacco use and convincing them to quit. More and more countries are fighting back against the epidemic of tobacco by requiring that packages of tobacco show the dangers of the product's use, as called for in guidelines to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. (World Health Organization)

rasanya banyak dah usaha-usaha daripada pelbagai pihak untuk kempen tak nak merokok. bukannya para perokok tu tak tahu pun about all the negative sides of smoking, perhaps they are just being soooo ignorance. maybe they are just so addicted to it (bukan nak membela para perokok, but try to put myself into their shoes).

i hate it when people smoke in public. takpe if diorang nak bahayakan kesihatan sendiri, tapi nak heret orang lain sekali hirup asap rokok tu, i think it's pretty cruel. tempat-tempat glamor yang jadi sasaran perokok-perokok: bus station, restaurant, tepi-tepi tangga kat shopping complex, pasar malam, etc. eh? should i say everywhere? hihi

so people out there, please, please and please let our lung inhale only the clean air. stop smoking or at least reduce it and please do not smoke in public area. my dear youngsters, please do not even try to get close to it. at the end of the day, you will realize that smoking will just waste up your money, bring disaster to your health and those around you, and the most pathetic part, it will be one of the reason for people to hate you and curse you so badly. huhu.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

special days in May...

i think it's a little bit late for me to make some acknowledgment of some of the special days in May.

10th May : Mothers' Day (a great relief as i was able to be at home, regardless of the workload that was abandoned by me in kuantan. haha)
12th May: Nurses' Day (unable to wish the staffnurses at the hospital. MC ~sigh)
22nd May: My 23rd birthday (shamelessly announcing my age. hihi. certainly don't have any idea why women are so sensitive to expose about their own age. hmmm.)

my roommates' brithdays: Mary (5th May), mona (23rd May). happy belated birthday my dear sisters! ^_^

mona and her story about the measuring tape
i was touched when i read her recent entry. perihal measuring tape. masih ingat lagi kata-kata pak ungku di pulau kapas. our average life span is about 63 years old (same with the length of a measuring tape). if i am about to calculate it, approximately, about 40 years left for me to do good deeds on this earth (itupun kalau tak mati di zaman muda ~just like what had been mentioned by mona). if other people celebrate their birthday with happening parties, i would rather step back, be alone and ponder upon all the wrongdoings that i had done for the past 23 years.

how great a woman is...
though it may a little too late, i still would like to wish:
  • Happy Mothers' Day to all moms
  • Happy Nurses' Day to all nurses
p/s: hoping that i can be a really good mom n a good nurse as well in the future (say no to grumpy nurses in hospital! yeah!)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

'ibrah di sebalik kesakitan...

SOB (shortness of breath) on my first day in A&E...
it was my first day. macam biasa, monday sickness (homesick n tak bersemangat nak kerja. huu) ditambah pulak dengan my early symptoms of fever. start dengan batuk-batuk sejak malam sebelumnya. then, suhu yang terlampau sejuk di A&E worsen my condition. mula rasa sesak dada n terasa lemah seluruh badan. bila pegang dahi, terasa panas. alamak, memang dah demam ni! cuba jugak menggagahkan diri buat kerja-kerja yang simple. ambil vital signs, tolong staffnurse cucuk IM voltaren, n labelling the blood samples. time rehat, mula rasa abdominal pain (gastritis, sebab tak makan apa-apa sejak pagi). malu nak mengerang kesakitan di ward, aku menyorok kat restroom (huhu. memang tragis! nangis sorang-sorang sambil diperhatikan sorang budak perempuan yang nak ambil urine sample. ~kantoi la pulak). sampai kat rumah, makan tablet PCM 2 biji then try to have a rest. malamnya, tidur dengan hajar kat ruang tamu (rasa stuffy sangat dalam bilik n takut ganggu roommates sebab batuk tak berhenti). i failed to have a nice n plesant sleep. every 15 minutes terjaga n rasa sesak dada. sekejap menggigil, n sekejap rasa panas macam dalam oven.

MC jugak akhirnya...
this is the last thing that i plan to have. (tak mau ambil MC sebab malas nak ganti balik. hu~). pergi ke hospital as usual. siap pakai unifrom. haha. tak tau nape rajin sangat pakai uniform. then, pergi ke triage, waiting for the MA (Medical Assistant) to arrive. dah melepek dah kat triage tu. dengan sabarnya menanti with another patient that develop asthma. when the MA arrived...

MA: "dah berapa hari demam dik?"
me: "2. batuk, selsema, demam, diarrhea, headache (list out everything utk mudahkan MA tu buat clerking)
then, MA tu check my vital signs.
BP: 98/59
SPO2: 98%
PR: 54
Temperature: 39.3!!!!!!

MA: "tinggi ni dik. abang ambil darah ye?"
me: "taknakla"
MA: "masukkan air, nak?" (means kena masuk jarum branulla yang besar n kena stay lama kat ward sampai habis satu pine Normal Saline)
me: "tak maula"
MA: "la, habis tu?"
me: "saya nak jumpa doctor je. mintak MC. nak rehat kat rumah." (paksa diri untuk senyum)
MA: "ok. tapi makan PCM ni dulu, tau"

hihi. customer's right. dapat MC sehari. rehat dengan bahagianya di rumah (walaupun tak bahagia sangat sebab tak dapat balik rumah sebenar. hu~).

'ibrah di sebalik kesakitan yang dialami...
terngiang-ngiang kata-kata ust hasbullah (my fav ungs lecturer!). "kalau kita ditimpa musibah, dosa-dosa kecil kita akan dihapuskan. kalau kita tambah dengan kesabaran, boleh dapat extra, iaitu pahala." aku cuba untuk tidak mengeluh. terasa kerdil n lemah yang teramat bilamana Allah tarik semula nikmat sihat yang dikurniakan, yang mungkin telah lama aku kufuri. astaghfirullah.

terasa serba salah juga kat adik-adik jr serumah yang susah-payah menjaga aku, tapi aku pulak lebih banyak mendiamkan diri. rasa dosa pada Tuhan membungkam perasaan sehingga hilang minat untuk beramah mesra (maaf ye adik2!). syukur di atas musibah ini, tanda aku masih dalam pemerhatianNya. alhamdulillah ^_^

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mentally ill clients...

baru one week, since we left the psychiatric ward in HTAA but i had already missed all the sweet memories that we had after two weeks 'mingling' with the mentally ill clients. an unforgettable excitement that i don't think i can find it anywhere else on this earth (again...exaggerate! huhu)

how much do i know about methadone?
to be frank not much. all i ever know that it is an opiate group of drug used to replace the drug addicts 'addiction' towards other dangerous drugs (commonly, the heroin). i was actually a bit confused, why this methadone unit is placed in the psychiatric department anyway. my assumption (tak tau betul ke tak. hihi): most of the drug abusers will later develop mental problem (e.g: psychosis, schizophrenia). hmm, out of 59 methadone users, only 5 are non-Muslims. the rest, our young Malay Muslims. *sigh*

a testimony from a client that i met there, "dia (refers to methadone) punya 'kick' dik, memang sama macam heroin. laklok sekejap, lepas tu ok. boleh buat kerja macam biasa. hidup abang pun dah lebih terurus sekarang ni. dulu masa ambil heroin, satu kerja pun tak jalan. dalam seminggu, boleh kira berapa kali abang mandi."

i miss them...
hmm, i felt like words cannot express how grateful i am to meet those patients. these are among my favourite patients (jahat sungguh! i shouldn't be biased. heeee)

1. Mr HH
25 years old, diagnosed with schizophrenia. he was admitted due to EPS. what i like about him the most is he is such a nice guy. tak jemu-jemu bagi salam whenever he met us (the IIUM students). siap tunduk-tunduk lagi bila lalu depan kitorang. aduhai, sungguh sopan! not to forget his tarian 'mintak hujan' (ni kitorang gelar sendiri, sebab memang penuh aksi n ada unsur-unsur silat sikit. hihi).

among all the male patients, apparently i would rather say that he is the most 'islamic' one (just because he mentioned that his hobbies are: dengar ceramah-ceramah agama, baca al-Quran dan berpuasa. ^_^). plus, he is so obsessed with wudhu' (siap bertekak dengan sorang student - as he claimed Allah suruh ambil wudhu' setiap waktu)

me: "kenapa HH suka ambil wudhu'?" (i asked sebab tengah2 bersenam dia boleh berhenti, n pergi paip berdekatan untuk ambil wudhu'. pelik??hmmm??)
HH: "sebab bila ambil wudhu' saya akan rasa tenang. kalau saya rasa runsing, saya akan ambil wudhu' dan hati saya akan rasa tenang" (he does have a point!)
me: "apa yang selalu membuatkan HH runsing?"
HH: "keluarga saya susah, adik-beradik ramai. saya risau pasal keluarga saya...bla.. bla.."

so sweet. masih lagi risaukan keluarga walaupun dalam keadaan yang sebegitu. part paling menarik about this guy, was when i joined them in 'terapi lukisan', one of the ways for the patients to express themselves.

trainer: "HH, masa awak kat johor dulu awak ada masuk mana-mana pondok ke?"
HH: "tak pernah, saya hanya suka dengar ceramah-ceramah agama"
trainer: "ceramah-ceramah tu siapa yang bagi?"
HH: "orang-orang PAS"
trainer: "HH, habis tu, awak ni orang PAS la ye?"
HH: " ya, saya orang PAS. Allahuakbar!" (sambil angkat tangan kanan dengan penuh semangat. ^_^)

2. Pakcik Manja
His name memang manja, bukan gelaran. memang baik n selalu jadi patient yang paling happening bile time rehab. (i almost cry bila pakcik manja discharged, sebab tak sempat nak buat sukaneka dengan dia sekali).

3. Pakcik B
cool. one word that describe him the best. memang cool. ala-ala leader among the patients. tapi tak tahan nak ketawa bila dia start bukak cerita pasal kontrak puluhan juta yang dia handle (grandiose delusion). siap tuduh polis tersilap bawak dia masuk ward. huhu.

adik comel??
K.A. 29 years old, diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder. suka panggil aku adik comel (as he claimed dia teringat kat adik dia bila tengok aku.. haha). paling tak larat bila dia menyanyi lagu2 jiwang dengan penuh ekspresi depan aku (nasib baik diselamatkan oleh chee kiong- my saviour of the day). i presented his case depan sr shikin. memang menarik pun dia punya history. pernah jadi polis, n pernah involved with ganja. hmm...

a lesson with Dr Ramli...
Dr Ramli: "apa yang awak dapat daripada saya punya interview dengan patient td?"
me: "he got hallucination? sebab dia ade mention dengar suara binatang, suara lelaki n perempuan.."
Dr Ramli: "ok, how did i start the conversation?"
me: "erm....dr tanya dia 'ada rasa apa-apa gangguan tak'?"
Dr Ramli: "good. (nasib baik tak berangan time die interview patient td. fuh.) but, why?"
me: " open ended question. sebab gangguan (hallucination) banyak jenis. nak biar patient describe dulu gangguan macam mana yang dia rasa"
Dr Ramli: "exactly. bila patient tak boleh nak jawab, baru saya akan narrow kan question tu. 'ade dengar suara?'. like you mentioned hallucination banyak jenis, auditory, tactile, visual, etc. dalam lecture dah belajar kan?"
me: nodded...
Dr Ramli: "lagi...symptom lain? the way he talked?"
me: "urm...macam slurring speech sikit. early sign of EPS??" (menembak dengan tanpa segan silu di hadapan students kolej lain. huhu)
Dr Ramli: "betul. that's why u kena check patient ambil ubat apa."

dispersed. thanks to him that he taught us a lot. kalaulah semua doktor pun macam dia (takkanku berhenti berharap..huhu)

banyak lagi kisah-kisah menarik sepanjang kat ward psychiatric ni. setiap saat bersama patient ada je benda-benda pelik yang aku tak pernah encounter pun sebelum ni. sampaikan lenguh rahang mulut sebab tak tahan nak ketawa tengok gelagat-gelagat patients. a very meaningful fortnights in HTAA... my next destination... A&E (cuak!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Community Service in Sik

It was such a hectic program but yet so memorable. the 'long' journey to Sik, Kedah was very interesting indeed, though i could hardly opened my eyes (a very nice and pleasant sleep along the ride.hihi.)

subhanallah...the breathtaking view, the fresh air and the cool, crystal clear water...

'Kak' Su
the opening ceremony was held a day earlier than we planned, digabung sekali dengan majlis penyerahan anak angkat. Suriana Ariffin was announced as my foster sister and Mek Rahmah as my new 'mak'. hmm, maka bermulalah konflik diri lantaran terpaksa memanggil 'mak' baru sebagai mak. huhu. hati kecilku meraung-raung berkata, "i only have one 'mak'". "takpe2..ikhlaskan hati ye humm",trying to console myself. luckily 'Kak' Su was there, acting as a very caring and responsible elder sister to me (walaupun umur Su muda beberapa bulan dari aku. hihi. perasan muda sebentar)

Kisah kopi dan jering
bau semerbak handmade coffee kg jelutong berjaya menarik minat aku yang sememangnya coffee maniac. "suka la 'mak', kopi ni wangi, sedap sangat2", aku memuji. since i made this statement, almost every dining time, we were served with coffee. huhu. cuak jugak kalau-kalau balik ni ada kidney problem. 'Kak' Su yang gilakan jering pun sama jugak. Malu jugak sebab tak kenal pun jering tu on the first place ^_^. Jering dan petai menjadi menu utama setiap hari. (cuba sedaya-upaya menelan dengan penuh nikmat jering-jering dan petai-petai itu, tetapi gagal aku kecapi 'kenikmatan' itu. hihi). walaupun sambal yang super pedas tu berjaya diharungi oleh lidahku yang nipis, ternyata sistem pencernaan yang agak sensitif tidak mampu menahan. maka, aku ber'puasa' sambal sepanjang di sik. *sigh*

Trio di Sekolah Kebangsaan Chepir
kerinduan pada kanak-kanak cilik terubat juga. kat rumah, we were all alone with 'mak'. 'Kak' Su, Nuruddin and me were the mass speakers. bergilir-gilir untuk handle 3 main slots of the program, with the main objectives untuk meningkatkan motivasi kanak-kanak sekolah tu n menyentuh gejala-gejala sosial yang berleluasa (minum air daun ketum, merokok, tonton video lucah, etc. ~huh)

during my session (Ke Mana Hala Tujuku)...
adik Hanis ke atas pentas, membaca tugasan yang aku berikan.

"dalam masa 15 tahun akan datang, saya adalah seorang tentera udara yang gagah perkasa. isteri saya adalah seorang pekerja kilang. saya sudah memiliki sebuah kereta BMW. Isteri saya sedang dalam pantang melahirkan anak bongsu kami.."

huhu. very spesific. nak ketawa pun ada (actually dah terbahak-bahak dah pun aku kat atas pentas tu). part paling mengharukan, bila adik Hakim menangis sewaktu sesi muhasabah. terasa diri aku pun di'muhasabah' bersama. terbukti, kanak-kanak ini masih lagi suci dan lembut hati dan kitalah (orang-orang yang lebih dewasa) yang bertanggungjawab to mould them. the best session ever in this Baksis program (for me la..)

Si Kembar Empat

nabilah, nabihah, shikin n me

aku mula approach Nabilah n Nabihah (kembar seiras) waktu sukaneka. then, aku panggil Shikin untuk borak-borak with the cute little girls bila 'mak' panggil balik untuk minum petang. i love to call the four of us (shikin, nabilah, nabihah n me) as 'si kembar empat'. hihi. Alhamdulillah, hari kedua, the girls dah pakai tudung (cute sangat). surely i'm going to miss them much.

Words of wisdom by YB Mat Isa
memang musuk qalbu bila YB Mat Isa mula berbicara. terasa zuqq sangat-sangat when the true leader speaks. banyak 'ibrah yang boleh diambil. tak terbalas rasanya budi baik, layanan mak dan ayah angkat yang kami terima sepanjang keberadaan di sik. i burst into tears when he did mentioned about the true life of the villagers. hidup dalam serba kekurangan tapi masih kaya dengan nilai-nilai murni. kita??

Friday, April 17, 2009

Masterpiece :)

i specially designed this for my friends in IIUM Gombak. other designs available can be viewed at our new site

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


pada satu hari yang indah...

si A: "awak, habiskanlah waffle tu, tinggal sikit je lagi"
me: "eh, takpelah. awak habiskanlah ye. nk suami soleh tak?...hihi" aku cuba mengelak sebab dah terlampau kenyang.

tipikal kan? bila habiskan the last piece of the food memang boleh dapat suami soleh ke? tak taula tahap kebenarannya, but it had turned into a trend among my friends in IIUM. sampaikan sanggup berebut, nak ambil berkat suapan yang terakhir dengan harapan dan doa untuk dapat suami yang soleh lagi musleh (juga mampu men'soleh'kan isteri).

si A: "ala..takutla. taktau sape yang jadi suami kita nanti. nak carik yang soleh la..."
me: "kalau nak dapat yang soleh, kena la jadi solehah dulu. (senyum). takpe, doa banyak-banyak"

zup! aku terpukul dengan kata-kata sendiri. alamak, dahla aku tak solehah! huhu. anyway, tq friend for bringing up this issue ~ a very good reminder for myself.

if we were aiming for good grades in exam, for surely we will work hard towards achieving it. sanggup berkorban waktu tidur (stay up), sanggup korbankan waktu berehat dan berhibur dan sanggup bangun malam untuk solat hajat (walaupun dalam bukan fatrah exam siap solat subuh dinasour lagi ^_^)
kalau nakkan suami soleh, macam mana pulak ye?

1. doa sebagai senjata, yakin dengan janji Allah...

"perempuan-perempuan yang keji untuk lelaki-lelaki yang keji, dan lelaki-lelaki yang keji untuk perempuan-perempuan yang keji, sedangkan perempuan-perempuan yang baik untuk lelaki-lelaki yang baik, dan lelaki-lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan-perempuan yang baik pula. mereka itubersih dari apa yang dituduhkan orang. mereka memperoleh keampunan dan rezeki yang mulia" (An-Nur: 26)

2. usaha yang berterusan...

kalau nakkan suami yang bijak, kita sendiri kena usaha untuk jadi orang yang bijak. kalau nakkan suami kuat beribadat, kita pun kena usaha untuk banyakkan amal ibadat. kalau nakkan suami yang penyayang, kita sendiri kena jadi orang yang penyayang. teori mudah, kalau mahukan suami yang bagaimana-bagaimana sekali pun, kita sendiri yang kena kuat berusaha untuk miliki semua ciri-ciri yang kita impikan. GIRL POWER!! (takde kaitan pun.hihi)

semua orang pun pastinya mengimpikan untuk dapat zuriat yang soleh/ah, yang boleh menjadi mata rantai perjuangan, etc. macam mana pulak nak berusaha ke arah ini?

for me, proses pentarbiahan anak-anak dah sepatutnya bermula sedari seorang wanita itu baligh (yup, even before she found her mr right!). without we realize, we are actually carrying a temporary "home" for our children, i.e. rahim a.ka. uterus.

"rumah" inilah yang akan menjadi tempat pertama anak-anak kita akan menerima corak proses pentarbiahan si ibu dan si bapa. pastinya kita mahukan anak kita berada di dalam "rumah" yang cantik, selesa dan penuh ke'izzahan.

so, girls (a reminder for me as well)...
ingatlah yang kita semua tengah mengusung "rumah" untuk anak-anak kita nanti. nakkan "rumah" yang cantik, berseri dan bahagia? maintainance kena la tinggi jugak kan? i.e. in the form of zikr, doa, dan selalu ingat setiap perbuatan, perilaku, perasaan, pemikiran kita pastinya akan tercalit pada rumah yang sedang menanti penghuninya itu.

p/s: i still can't believe that i am actually writing about this issue. huhu

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


12.40 pm, kak dibah selamat melahirkan baby boy (akhirnya yusuf ada kawan kat sabah nanti..hihi). my second nephew... pity them (k dibah n abg man) sebab takde family terdekat kat sana. huhu. i wish i can be there for them.

that is actually the second good news during my study vacation at home. heee.
the first one, just read the rest of the news.

The real message from the Perakians.
(Source: Berita Harian Online, 8th April 2009)

Pas pertahan Bukit Gantang, PKR menang Bukit Selambau

KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional (BN) mengekalkan kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Batang Air, manakala Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) dan Pas, masing-masing kekal menguasai kerusi DUN Bukit Selambau dan Parlimen Bukit Gantang, dalam tiga pilihan raya kecil yang diadakan serentak semalam.

Dalam pertandingan satu lawan satu di DUN Batang Air, calon BN, Malcom Mussen Lamoh menewaskan calon PKR, Jawah Gerang dengan majoriti 1,854 undi, lebih besar berbanding majoriti 806 undi yang diperoleh BN di kerusi itu pada pilihan raya negeri 2006.

Mussen, 49, muka baru yang juga bekas jurutera Jabatan Pertanian Sarawak, memperoleh 3,907 undi, manakala Jawah , 55, bekas Ahli Parlimen Lubok Antu selama lima penggal, mendapat 2,053 undi.

Keputusan itu diumumkan Pegawai Pengurus Pilihan Raya Kecil DUN Batang Air, Nelson Mujah Girie, di pusat penjumlahan undi di Kompleks Sukan Lubok Antu, Sarawak, pada jam 7.45 malam tadi.

Di TAIPING, Pas mengekalkan kerusi Parlimen Bukit Gantang apabila calonnya, Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin menewaskan calon BN, Ismail Saffian dengan majoriti 2,789 undi, lebih besar berbanding majoriti 1,566 undi diperoleh Pas pada pilihan raya umum tahun lalu.

Mohammad Nizar, 52, yang juga Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Pasir Panjang dan bekas Menteri Besar Perak, memperoleh 21,860 undi, manakala Ismail, 49, mendapat 19,071 undi. Calon Bebas, Kamarul Ramizu Idris, 42, hanya menerima 62 undi, sekali gus hilang wang deposit.

Keputusan diumumkan Pegawai Pengurus Pilihan Raya Bukit Gantang, Datuk Mahmod Morsidi di Dewan Majlis Perbandaran Taiping, jam 9.40 malam.

Di SUNGAI PETANI, kerusi DUN Bukit Selambau yang pertama kali dalam sejarah pilihan raya menyaksikan pertandingan 15 penjuru, kekal dikuasai PKR apabila calonnya, S Manikumar, 35, menang dengan majoriti 2,403 undi, juga lebih tinggi berbanding majoriti 2,362 undi diperoleh V Arumugam, yang bertanding atas tiket Bebas pada pilihan raya umum 2008 sebelum menyertai PKR.

Manikumar mendapat 12,632 undi, manakala calon BN, Datuk S Ganesan, 49, yang juga bekas Adun Lunas dan Timbalan Pengerusi MIC Kedah, memperoleh 10,229 undi.

Semua 13 calon Bebas di Bukit Selambau juga hilang wang deposit dengan Abdul Rahim Abu, 49, memperoleh 60 undi; Husaini Yaacob, 44, (257); Mej (B) Anuar Abd Hamid, 58, (528); Radzi Md Lazim, 54, (25); Khamis Awang, 32, (29); Mohd Fazil Wahab, 38, (83); S Moganakumar, 43, (46); M Vaneson, 34, (32); L Sarala, 33, (49); T Chandrarajan, 40, (73); R Loganathan, 43, (31); Tan Hock Huat, 46, (78) dan A Jayagopal, 57, (35).

Keputusan itu diumumkan Pegawai Pengurus Pilihan Raya Kecil Bukit Selambau, Datuk Abdullah Mat Akhir di pusat penjumlahan undi di Sekolah Menengah Teknik Sungai Petani I, pada jam 10.45 malam.

Pilihan raya kecil DUN Bukit Selambau diadakan berikutan penyandangnya, V Arumugam dari PKR meletak jawatan Adun dan Exco negeri pada 9 Februari lalu.

Pilihan raya kecil Parlimen Bukit Gantang dan DUN Batang Air pula diadakan berikutan kematian penyandang masing-masing, Roslan Shahrom dari Pas pada 9 Februari lalu dan Datuk Dublin Unting yang juga Menteri Muda Pertanian Sarawak, pada 24 Februari lalu.

DUN Batang Air mempunyai 8,006 pemilih berdaftar dengan peratusan keluar mengundi semalam meningkat kepada 75.32 peratus, berbanding 73 peratus pada pilihan raya negeri 2006, manakala hanya 70.28 peratus daripada 35,140 pengundi di DUN Bukit Selambau keluar mengundi, berbanding 73.76 peratus pada pilihan raya umum 2008.

Parlimen Bukit Gantang pula mempunyai 55,562 pemilih berdaftar dengan peratusan keluar mengundi semalam juga meningkat kepada 75 peratus, berbanding 72.65 peratus pada pilihan raya umum tahun lalu.

Proses pengundian tiga pilihan raya kecil itu bermula 8 pagi dengan sesetengah pusat pembuangan undi DUN Batang Air ditutup seawal jam 11 pagi, manakala DUN Bukit Selambau serta Parlimen Bukit Gantang ditutup pada jam 5 petang.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kenapa saya suka rumah saya?

entry kali ni di post ketika hatiku meluap2 rindu yang teramat pada rumah dan kedua ibu bapa (hu~ nak balik rumah!!)

di saat orang lain sibuk menelaah pelajaran, pemikiranku melayang-layang teringatkan rumah.

sila baca ayat- ayat seterusnya mengikut nada budak lelaki dalam iklan petronas sempena hari kemerdekaan (tak ingat tahun bila..hee)

kenapa saya suka rumah saya?
"sebab dari kecil sampai besar, i grow up in this bumi tercinta..bandar baru bangi."

kenapa saya suka rumah saya?
"sebab kat rumah ada mak, ada bapak, ada kak la, ada abg hud. bila aku balik rumah, mesti rasa bahagia yang teramat sebab mak suka masak sedap-sedap bila aku balik (walaupun iqah and pi'e selalu bising-bising bila aku buat macam-macam request..huhu)"

kenapa saya suka rumah saya?
"sebab kat rumah i can be the 'real' me. hihi. without having any fear of being judged. hanya keluarga kita yang akan cinta dan kasihkan kita tanpa sebarang syarat. (tak kisah aku buat perangai pelik macam mana sekalii pun, they will always love and nourish me all the time). sweet kan?"

kenapa saya suka rumah saya?
"sebab baiti jannati. there is no other place like home...huhu"

i can list out thousands of reasons why i love my home but that does not really matter. the happiness and serenity that you feel at home, bukannya bergantung kepada besar dan cantiknya rumah anda. tapi, satu KEIZZAHAN. home is where you put your heart in to it (just like me, hihi..)

p/s: dapat panggilan dari mak before jawab first paper final exam pagi td...

emak: "ok tak pagi ni?" (setelah mengadu sambil menangis yang beria kat mak malam tadi, of course la emak taktau aku nangis. hihi. teknik cover yang berkesan)

me: "ok je. habis baca gitu-gitu je. mak doakan humm ye. doa mak kan lebih makbul"

emak: "insyaAllah. semoga tenang dan dapat jawab exam dengan baik, dan dapat keputusan cemerlang. (ayat skema mak every time aku call before jawab exam... huhu)"

inilah ayat motivasi aku setiap kali sebelum jawab exam. walaupun skripnya sama setiap kali aku call, tepi tetap menyirap ke seluruh tubuhku, sampai kan segala neurons in my brain jadi super duper active bila teringat ayat-ayat ni. semoga segala urusan dipermudahkan. amin. T_T

Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour

8:30PM local time, wherever you live on planet earth. Saturday 28 March 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Awakening

this entry is not about the famous novel by Kate Chopin. huhu, this is all about me. after attending the preview of esq program (organized by src) last night, rasa lebih bertenaga and bersemangat sikit. pak-pak indonesia itu berjaya menyentuh hati para penonton yang hadir (including me T_T). walaupun mendapat kritikan-kritikan 'membina' daripada rakan-rakan se-wardku. huhu. seriously memang worth it fees tuh. you all should experiance it yourself (dengan nada yakin dan bersungguh, sehingga berkerut dahi)

3 days left before our final exam (exclusively for nursing students, pelik kan kulliyyah ni? huhu). all i have to do is speed up to finish revising all the syllabus + extra focus!!!

all the best everybody. let us put our best effort. bukan semata-mata untuk dapatkan high GPA or CGPA, but much more than that. to strive for the sake of Islam and serve the ummah by all the knowledge that we possess. May His blessings accompany our noble effort in seeking the knowledge. amin.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

they are truly special

one of the requirements for our community subject in this semester is to have at least one visit to disabled patient's house. today was indeed very memorable. start dengan visit antenatal and postnatal patients with staffnurse rohani (i.e. tengok baby yang cute2. huhu), then, ke rumah yang pertama.

zulhilmi, 7 years old child with cerebral palsy. macam blurr sikit time tu (almaklumlah first time), but we tried so hard to get as much information as we can from the mother. lessons from the visit:
  • try dapatkan info tentang rehabilitation of CP children, esp. in Kuantan (sebab beza macam langit dengan bumi if nak compare facilities yang ada kat KL and Kuantan)
  • nurses must have complete documentation tentang visit yang diorang dah buat as references in advance (sebab susahnya kitorang nak start all over balik and tak dapat nak tengok progress of development)
  • ensure you are very well prepared before the visit (esp. bila bab nak bagi health education. your information must be accurate but yet simple to be understood by the mother)

the second house, amirul syafiq, 6 years old, Down's syndrome child (seriously terhibur dan rasa lebih bersemangat untuk terus hidup, bila jumpa syafiq. haha. tq dik! T_T)

syafiq sangat-sangat bijak. tak tau berapa kali dia salam kitorang, and bila dia cium pipi aku.. huh, tersentuh yang teramat! terharu. paling aku teruja, bila dia sebut kalimah "la ilaha illallah" (before die baling semua mainan yang kitorang pass kat dia. huhu). aku tak berhenti ketawa tengok aksi-aksi comel syafiq. sampai kene baling dengan botol air pun aku still boleh tersenyum and ketawa. huhu. takpe2, syafiq punye pasal. ^_^

they are both different in their own way. that's why i would rather called them "special", in stead of "disable". walaupun kita cukup sifat, hati and jiwa kita mungkin tak cukup kuat, tabah dan sesuci kanak-kanak istimewa ni.

try to have the sense of empathy to hear their inner voices calling for our kind attention and care. sharing is caring. caring is loving. ^_^

Friday, March 6, 2009

1st National Nursing Students' Symposium

Tomorrow will be the day. after a few 'hard' months, tomorrow is the day. i really hope that all the efforts put into this symposium will be blessed by Him. My special thanks to all the dedicated committees of NANSYM 09.

a glance about NANSYM 09:

NANSYM 09 stands for National Nursing Students' Symposium 2009, aim on gathering all nursing students from all over Malaysia to sit together and discuss the arising matters in the nursing world, particularly which are related to the students' issues.

the final and our main objective is to discuss on the proposal of establishing the first ever National Nursing Student Association (NNSA-just our brief idea. not yet decided actually).

Date: 7th - 8th March 2009
Venue: Auditorium KoM, IIUM Kuantan
Theme: Nursing Evolution in Malaysia: Seeing Things From A Different Angle

Among the main programs:
  • Plenary talks (by Prof Nik Safiah, Dr Faridah Hashim, and Matron Zainooriah)
  • Forum (moderator: Bro Mohd Said Nurumal)
  • Fiqh Medic (Talk by Ust. Hasrizal Abdul Jamil)
  • Meeting among student leaders
for more information, kindly log on to

All the best everybody. after striving so hard to ensure this program is a success, do not ever forget to tawakkal only onto Him. caiyok :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a booster...

one month before we have to seat for our final examination. somehow, rasa lebih cuak dan tertekan lepas lab session dengan bro said semalam. "its' all about knowledge" his words yang buat aku terpanar dan aku terus menoleh ke mawaddah, saling menjeling dengan penuh makna. i know i have to study, i know i have to do revision, i know, i know, and i know...

but all i need is time (alasan sungguh)..

"ni'matani mabghbunun fihima katheerun minan nas, as-sihah wal faragh"
dua nikmat yang sering disia-siakan kebanyakan manusia... kesihatan dan masa lapang

keeping an eye on time

no more time to be wasted. when it comes to talk about time management, for me, proper planning and immediate actions are vital to ensure things work accordingly. tak perlu cakap berdegar-degar, just take a very deep breath and START...

this video always be a good booster for me to keep on striving for my academic matters. most of the time, it really, really works

iium valedictory speech

p/s: dalam hati sering meronta-ronta dan mengeluh akan kesusahan, kepayahan, kesengsaraan dan macam-macam lagi onar dalam kehidupan seharian, kita selalu terlupa ada hiburan dari Allah yang kita jarang-jarang sekali tersedar. true friends that will always be there for you... duka hatiku sedikit sebanyak telah terubat... thanks sahabat

be more positive ye, hum!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the power of sleep

"dan dia menjadikan malam sebagai pakaian bagimu dan tidur sebagai istirehat, dan dijadikan siang untuk bertebaran (mencari rezeki)" (al-Furqan: 47)

assignments, presentations, exams n all types of tasks given had somehow affected my sleeping pattern. kalau dulu, after balik meeting (around 12 am)dah terus tidur (tak kesah keje dah siap or belum, tapi agenda tidur tetap berjalan dengan lancar dan selesa. huhu). sekarang dah tak boleh nak buat macam tu. i felt like 24 hours is not enough to fulfill all the 'amanah' given to me. bak kata imam Syafie: al-wajibat aktharu minal auqat (kewajipan itu lebih banyak daripada masa yang ada). so, i end up sacrificing my hours of night's sleep. sedih..~hu

why do i care so much about my sleeping pattern?

"sleep to be sexy, smart and slim"
(focus kat part smart ye. yang lain tu additional sahaja.hihi)

"to some people, the need for sleep is viewed as a sign of weakness. but, what people fail to realize is that; while you're asleep, every system in your is being fine-tuned, reset, cleaned up and restored t its optimal operating mode by an army of molecular trobleshooters. new things you have learned are being processed, memories are being organized abd stored, and the immune system is building a new contingent of natural killer cells to fight off battalions of infectious agents." ~Ellen Michaud~

on th other hands, when you fail to have a 'beauty sleep'. you are more prone to have any of these symptoms (dapat waktu kelas mental health :)):

  • impaired cognitive function
  • mental fatigue
  • impaired memory
  • inability to concentrate
  • perception changes
  • poor judgement
  • symptoms of irritability, withdrawal, susspicion, confusion, disorientation

rasanya macam dah experienced all the symptoms. huhu. paling tak best, when i'm starting to feel groggy and none of my systems are firing on all cylinders. i will not be able to think straight, make good decisions or even to remember where i put all my files and other stuffs (macam orang dementia, luckily k marlina always on my side to remind me of almost everything. tq sis :))

tidur sebagai satu ibadah...

"Hendaklah salah seorang di antara kamu bersolat ketika cergas, dan ketika mengantuk pergilah tidur" - imam bukhari dan muslim

makin banyak tidur, makin segar ke? not necessarily. depends on individual. yang penting, tidur yang berkualiti. nak tidur yang lebih nyenyak? jom kita sama-sama amalkan sunnah Rasulullah s.a.w. yang melakukan qailulah or what is called by the scientist today as "midafternoon quiescent phase' ataupun 'sleeping gate' sebab waktu tengahari dan awal petang badan kita akanjadi lemah dan lesu. simple je. just sleep for about 20 to 30 minutes during the noon, tapi akan rasa segar sepanjang siang n tidur yang lebih nyenyak dan 'lazat' di malam hari... nyum..nyum


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

abangku sayang...

this entry is dedicated to my beloved brother, abg hud (huhu...geli la plak)

abg hud selalu kata...
"ko ni selalu tiru aku kan? aku masuk kisas, ko masuk kisas... aku buat ni, ko buat ni...aku buat tu, ko buat tu... bla, bla, bla..."

abg hud selalu kata...
"jangan risau. tawakkal kena tinggi. insyaAllah akan ada rezeki turun dari langit... haha (sambil ketawa besar, walaupun i knew he really meant of what he said)"

abg hud selalu kata...
"jangan bagitau orang tau. ini adalah rahsia... (huhu, apa yang rahsia sangat tu?? hihi)"

abg hud selalu kata...
"belajar rajin-rajin, jangan jadi macam aku (tapi aku rasa abg hud rajin je..hmm??)" pesan abg hud sambil menyekeh-nyekeh kepala aku walaupun di khalayak ramai (takpe, tak kesah pun. hihi)

abg hud selalu kata...
"ko ni poyo la, humm. bla, bla, bla...."

apa-apa pun yang abg hud kata, aku suka nak dengar (walaupun kadang-kadang kata-kata dia agak menyakitkan hati...hihi). tapi, undeniably, most of the time, kata-kata abg hud memang menusuk ke qalbuku. tq bro for everything T_T

maka, dengan ini, aku menyeru kepada kakandaku, mohamad hud bin saleh huddin....

jangan sedih-sedih ye. setiap ujian yang melanda diri kita, pasti ada hikmahnya. nak ulang balik ayat kamu terhadap saya (hihi)... TAWAKKAL KENA TINGGI, HUD.. (ekeke..)... la yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus'aha... lagi satu, nak dedicate lagu hijjaz kat abg hud:

hidup tak selalunya indah,
langit tak selalu cerah,
suram malam tak berbintang,
itulah lukisan alam.

dalam senang, awasi kealpaanmu
dalam susah, hitunglah kesyukuranmu

p/s: abg hud...terharu tak? hihi. choc fudge (secret recipe) satu slice, bleh? hehe.

my own space


formally officiating my new blog. even though it is not so much different from my previous blog (nama heading pun sama, sayang sangat2 nak tukar.. hu~), haha. simple pulak tuh, perhaps due to the time constraint (alasan lagi..huhu).

dah pertengahan semester... assignments, tutorials, programs, programs n programs lagi. to make it worst (ke ade hikmahnya?), awal march ni dah start clinical posting. tak prepare apa-apa pun lagi... juz pray for all the best thing that will ever happen to me.. Rabbi yassir wala tu'assir...