Sunday, July 11, 2010

buatmu si kacak!

already resigned yesterday as yusuf n yasir's official 'bibik'. am going to miss singing the chuggington, mickeymouse clubhouse and my friends tigger n pooh theme song together with yusuf (cik humm dia yg over kot. hehe). not to forget their favourite lullaby -la ilahaillah zikr, introduced by iqah, as well as the educational visit to my mom's mini garden in front of the house (sebab yusuf merengek-rengek nak tengok meow. huhu)

farewell treat
enough babbling. i made this for my two favourite heroes (of course with yasir's help in ensuring the kitchen is messy enough for her aunt to cook with full of distraction. notty! ^_^)

tadaaa! fettucini cabonara for the adorable boys ^_^
p/s: of course tak boleh lawan mona. hehe. going to start a new career tomorrow. berdebar ^_^