Saturday, May 23, 2009

special days in May...

i think it's a little bit late for me to make some acknowledgment of some of the special days in May.

10th May : Mothers' Day (a great relief as i was able to be at home, regardless of the workload that was abandoned by me in kuantan. haha)
12th May: Nurses' Day (unable to wish the staffnurses at the hospital. MC ~sigh)
22nd May: My 23rd birthday (shamelessly announcing my age. hihi. certainly don't have any idea why women are so sensitive to expose about their own age. hmmm.)

my roommates' brithdays: Mary (5th May), mona (23rd May). happy belated birthday my dear sisters! ^_^

mona and her story about the measuring tape
i was touched when i read her recent entry. perihal measuring tape. masih ingat lagi kata-kata pak ungku di pulau kapas. our average life span is about 63 years old (same with the length of a measuring tape). if i am about to calculate it, approximately, about 40 years left for me to do good deeds on this earth (itupun kalau tak mati di zaman muda ~just like what had been mentioned by mona). if other people celebrate their birthday with happening parties, i would rather step back, be alone and ponder upon all the wrongdoings that i had done for the past 23 years.

how great a woman is...
though it may a little too late, i still would like to wish:
  • Happy Mothers' Day to all moms
  • Happy Nurses' Day to all nurses
p/s: hoping that i can be a really good mom n a good nurse as well in the future (say no to grumpy nurses in hospital! yeah!)

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