Saturday, June 6, 2009

A&E versus OT

2 weeks in A&E and also 2 weeks in OT. both are specialized areas, but i would rather be in A&E than in the cold, dull OT (jahat!!). both have their own pros n cons, but i think i "grew up" faster in A&E compared to OT.

Deras, dik! Deras!
this is the common sentence that the staffnurses in A&E ever said or yelled to us. haha. the first time i heard this, "Deras?" mumbling by myself, tried not to blurt it out loudly. "isn't it supposed to be used for running water, eg: air sungai yang deras. isn' it?"how lumpy i was. deras means cepat, hurry up! hihi.

it was such a tremendous experience for us whenever we encountered any case of suspected H1N1. huhu. wearing the mask for most of the time in the emergency department made us 'cool' enough to scare all the other patients. hihi.

the longest operation that i witnessed was thyroidectomy, which took more than 4 hours to finish. huh. didn't have any idea how exactly the surgeons can stand still long enough up to more tha 5 hours! (tabik spring ^_^). but at least the surgeon did recognized me and he did explained a little bit about the operation to us.

cries of the babies in OT
this was the best part of being in OT. the soothing sound of the babies crying, gasping for air ^_^ reminded me of the sweet memories that i had at the labor room. lots n lots of lscs cases during our shift (best sangat2). i even got the chance to be the circulating nurse (in about 10 minutes, seriously, no other staffnurse as the circulating nurse ^_^) and helped out the scrub nurse. wheeee!

the clinical posting in this semester was awesome! however, one month of having an ample time for rest at home is much more TREMENDOUSLY WONDERFUL! hihi. need to rejuvenate myself before the new semester begins and entitle as the final year student. hmmm....


  1. kak deras kak. haha. Tetap lucu kakakku yang bersemangat ini.

    Takpe2, idola yg kena di beat ni . huhu.

    Em..thinking bout bro said words.."senior?? what you means with senior?? can explain everything what you learn?? , that's my definition of senior.."

    hmm.. memeram untuk menjadi senior tahun dua yang baik. :)

  2. huhu, idola?? (jgn tiru aksi2 yang tak baik, walaupon most of it mmg tak baik pun. huhu)

    i do believe u will be a very kind & sweet senior to those freshmen. go, go adik din!