Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Wonderful Beginning..

Alhamdulillah, these past few days had been among the most exciting days in my life. i finally able to go back on the track (means to study in the class without any distraction nor doing other 'extra' tasks at the back of the class. still can't forget how I lost all those adab in seeking knowledge by doing so during my previous horrible semester. my worst nightmare ever.).

Allah is near to your jugular vein (Qaf:16)
this Quranic quotation was repeatedly emphasized by our dearest lecturer, Sr Rubbya since we were in 2nd year. again, she showed us the same slide presentation during our first entrance into this garden of knowledge and virtue. weirdly enough, i still love listening to all her lectures (even though some may categorize it as nagging. huhu). very inspiring, underlies beneath it a very deep meaning that one has to squeeze his brain to find the wisdom behind her words.

the best nursing issue ever...
it was about Paradigm of Islamic Medicine and Hospital , where she took the gist of the topic from Ust Hasrizal's article(kindly refer to his original article on this topic). i love to read it up to the point where i couldn't help to continuously reading about it after the class ended (sangat-sangat best!). herewith i copied some of Ustaz Hasrizal's point of view regarding this topic.

Islamic and unIslamic Medical Systems

  • Is that which is termed Islamic medicine restricted only to methods related to ruqyah treatment using Quranic verses?

  • Is it only for the use of herbs with names related to the family of the Prophet saw like Ali and Fatimah? (Tongkat Ali, Kacip fatimah...)

  • If we utilize the knowledge contained in Kumar & Clark's book, Clinical Medicine, is that considered unIslamic? Are only the texts of al-Tibb al-Nabawi by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya considered valid Islamic medical texts?

It's all Allah's laws. That two hydrogen and one oxygen molecules come together to form water is Allah's law. Therefore, products and systems built upon these principles are also from Allah. It is Islamic, even though discovered by Alexander Fleming.

Therefore, Islamic medicine is the medicine that cures, regardless of whether it is a product of Ireland, Germany, China, or Malaysia. As long as it cures it is Islamic medicine. It is a hikmah (wisdom) that the mukmin should utilize.

Islamic Hospital

Does an Islamic hospital have to be named with an Arabic or Islamic name before being classified as an Islamic hospital?

A hospital, its islamic values comes from effective treatment options, excellent patient care, competent staff members, and efforts to help its Muslim patients carry out their ibadah. In fact, an Islamic Hopsital should also be one which offers help to its non-Muslim patients to obtain services from their own religion chaplains. These are the Islamic values a hospital should espouse.

Final Year Project
Dr Laith entered our class today and briefed a little bit about our FYP. i have already feel the excitement of doing this research. my adrenaline was running up high (most likely because i am planning to do the research at my hometown. yeah, Bangi yang makmur!). despite all the hardships that i have to face in running this research, i do believe that lots and lots of benefits i can obtain from it (time and financial management, and also nurturing myself with patience and calmness in facing any difficulties). may Allah ease all of our noble effort in seeking the precious knowledge.

p/s: i would like to welcome all the first year students of IIUM, especially to our beloved bro n sis of Kulliyyah of Nursing. ^_^

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