Sunday, March 23, 2014


i'm not just a stay-at-home-mom. but a student-at-home-mom. it is not easy (yeah, it sounds mengada and macam nak mengeluh kan? hehe). Frankly to say, i'm still struggling to juggle things up between my study and managing my lil angel, sarah. I'm not sure how all the wahms did that, but my salute goes to those who succeed.

Running out of time
Yes. The due of submitting my thesis is just around the corner. My heart palpitates whenever i think about it. Yeah, it's like i'm stuck with it, and just want to end it no matter what. manage to write a paragraph is already a bless to me. yes, it's tough. but, i'm going to finish it up, no matter what. yeahhhh!!! (rasa nak meloncat sebab geram lama sangat tak siap. huhu). tolong doakan ya. doakan so that khamisah diberi kekuatan, semangat, idea bernas, serta keberkatan masa untuk menyiapkan thesis masternya. Allahumma ameen.

time flies. sarah is now reaching 6 m.o. it's almost the time to introduce her to solid food. di kala jiwa runsing thesis tak siap, walid sarah not around sebab pergi umrah; mbah2 n nenek2 sarah got too excited to feed her. bila sarah nangis je, they will say "lapar lah tu". "bagi je nestum" etc. huhu. so dah dua kali jugak ummi tak dapat nak berkeras, n sarah was given air kanji nasi. she had a few sips. after i did a little research, i found out that baby is supposed to be introduced to fruits or vege first, then only carbs. haha. tersilap. ok, tepat 6 bulan, ummi kasi my homemade-made with love puree, ya sayang! 

we miss him!
we miss you, walid!!

abang insyaAllah will be coming back home from umrah this monday. cepatlah masa berlalu. we miss him so badly. i tried so hard not to cry each day - simpan tenaga nak jaga sarah. kalau nangis, nanti lembik pulak. huhu. sarah pulak semakin manja. malam first kena tinggal dengan walid dia demam. demam rindu i reckoned. kesian sarah. :( semoga diterima segala amalan dan doa abang. ameen.

till then. hope my next post is when i've already submitted my first draft thesis. ameen.