Sunday, September 30, 2012

Free me

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” 
― Rumi

jumble kind of feelings.

insecurity has simply led me to live in this world full of cruelty and selfishness.
living with such doubts and fearfulness to the uncertainties invites more bad thoughts to come. how i wish it can be easily washed away.

i begin to feel like i'm losing control of my life. the question like 'who's actually in charge of my life?' popped out. and the fact that i'm working so hard to live up to people's expectation is a no-no solution to this issue.

i'm going to put all these into an end. 
and i'm going to do that by doing the hardest part of it all - FORGIVE myself.

please pray for me. whoever you are that happen to read this. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a nanny's diary

irdina aishah - my first niece! was appointed as aishah's babysitter bermula selepas 2 minggu kelahiran si comel ini. yes, aishah masih merah, kecil, 'fragile' and because of that abgman dan k dibah tak berani lagi nak hantar aishah ke taska (as if aku pandai sangat jaga baby - cuak sangat. note: aishah jenis cepat tersedak bila minum susu). harini genap 22 hari aku jadi babysitter aishah. penat? haruslah. tapi worth it rasanya experience ni. 

aishah sangat kuat minum susu. baru 14 days, dah minum lebih 3 oz for each feeding (nanti nak share cara2 handle EBM (expressed breast milk) untuk babysitter yang amatur, like me). orang kata baby 2 weeks minum around 10 oz kat taska (8am- 5pm, waktu pejabat), tapi aishah pukul 12 noon, dah sampai 7 oz. siap kena request kat k dibah packing susu 3 oz, sebab 2 oz memang tak cukup, sampai kena lari2 mak (means lari laju) sebab aishah suka meraung vol 10 kalau tak cukup susu.

my wish
nak hafal more quranic verses (sangat jeles pada hafizah2 yang boleh bacakan ayat2 suci alQuran yang indah bila2 je kat anak diorang). kenapa kita kena lazimkan baca alQuran, zikir2, selawat, etc? sebab semua ni akan jadi habit kita. masa susukan baby, masa 'burp'kan baby, masa mandi, pakai baju, dodoi nak tidur, semua pun ibadah dan boleh tambah extra kredit kalau si ibu boleh bacakan ayat2 alQuran, selawat2, zikir, etc, pada si anak. so, waktu ni tak sempat dah nak fikir zikir mana best, selawat mana yg sesuai, ayat mana yang nak dibaca. semuanya spontan, automatik keluar ikut apa yang selalu kita amalkan. kurang amalkan zikir, kuranglah zikir yang terlintas kat hati dan pemikiran. anda belum berkahwin? jangan risau, Allah nak beri masa extra untuk siapkan diri upgrade all these things (trust me: nanti dah beranak-pinak, nak solat fardhu pun terkejar2). yang penting niatkan bukan sebab nak amalkan waktu susukan anak sahaja, tapi nak pastikan semua ni sebati dalam jasad dan rohani kita. supaya mengalir dalam setiap sel yang wujud dalam diri ini. insyaAllah.

ibu muda beranak 4
4 orang anak buah, semua dah merasa 'dijaga' ciyam. kebetulan last week, 7 hari, non-stop jaga those kiddos -yusuf, yasir, umar n aishah-. tak perasan, sampai mak yang tegur "wah, sampai tujuh hari jadi babysitter". my bad - having problem of saying no! anyhow, love those adorable kiddos very much! ciyam doakan semua membesar jadi insan beriman, soleh lagi musleh. hugs n kisses!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ever after: a bersih 3.0 story

alhamdulillah. i was there. completing the third chapter of my bersih story. so grateful that i was able to get involve in another epic of malaysian history. not having so many polices around had eased our journey to CM. ambiga was there to lead the crowd to dataran merdeka. i had a nice stroll at petaling street before that, watched floods of chinese people gathered with such enthusiasm, shared a packet of biscuits that i brought with a chinese elderly and had a quick photography session there. F and i bought yellow towels and even a mysterious guy handed me a yellow ribbon before he suddenly disappeared.

after zuhur prayer, we then marched towards dataran merdeka. the only challenges during that time was the extremely hot weather.  we couldn't go any more further because jalan tun perak had already been crammed with people. 
it was in fact a very peaceful and calm rally. the demonstrators had really "Duduk & Bantah", acted CIVILIZED enough (so far from what they called as 'monyet kena belacan').  one chinese man then shouted, "ambiga had announced that bersih 3.0 was successful. now everyone can peacefully disperse". so, we headed backwards, walking towards CM LRT station, before we bumped into mat sabu's crowd in front of maybank building. it was about to end, then i whiffed the tear gas. i ran but slowed down to look for F, my demo-mate. i heard she cried, "humm, pedih, pedih". i just put some salt into her mouth when she couldn't find hers and asked her to cover her nose and mouth with the wet towel, and grabbed her hand and continued to run. 

i understand if the polices wanted to use teargas to disperse the crowd that was said to breach the dataran merdeka area (i was not anywhere near the provocation area, so i dare not to comment anything about it). but why on earth did they send the gas to jalan tun perak and others that the crowd had already on their way to disperse peacefully? shots after shots of teargas were bombarded to the people. despite all the chaotic things that occur, it was indeed a happy day - more like a carnival for the attendees. there will always be angels in disguise throughout the rally, sharing salts, water, handkerchiefs, and even consoled each other regardless of their races, ages and religions. 1 Malaysia? yes we are!

the mainstream media had never portrayed Bersih fairly. did they even interview any of the participants to hear their thoughts? none. and it seems so difficult to speak in an intelligent manner about this, because those who rule are not intelligent enough and too stroppy in dealing with this situation. plus, their premise stating that the participants support ambiga's LGBT movement is  so ridiculous. how did actually a rally that seek for an electoral reform had turned into a demonstration calling for LGBT rights?

i never wish to witness any violence nor riots, and i believe everyone wish the same. none of us happily and willingly attended the rally just to provoke the polices to let us inhale those teargas or to rain us with water canon; and thus making them look bad and let us be the heroes. can't they simply understand all that we want is a clean and fair election? not more or less. i still can't understand the fact of us being blamed and offended for asking this basic humanity rights. ~sigh~

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


ok. so i failed to fulfill my aim to write persistently. huhu. time flies so fast and i had a very tough time to catch up with everything. 'ala kulli hal, alhamdulillah for every kind of ni'mah bestowed upon me.


this the project that i have to do for my anthropology subject. to be specific, it's about "senoi dream therapy". "senoi"? i bet most of you never heard about it right? hehe. senoi is basically one of the Orang Asli's tribe found in Malaysia. thus, i went to bukit kala, gombak to find out about this a few weeks back. i couldn't stop smiling, thinking how passionate dr alwi in persuading me to go here. hehe. am not going to talk much about it now, but later insyaAllah i'll post my comprehensive report about it (cewah! cita-cita tinggi. haha)

more and more projects

i spent 2 days of my midsemester break at iium montessori. collecting data for my mini project of "sharing behaviour among the children". alhamdulillah, done in collecting the data, but yet to finish the written report (ooopps! not even start a single paragraph yet. haha). another 2 articles to be reviewed, one mini project for stress management subject, and the list goes on. seems like i shouldn't waste any more time, but i ended up watching 'running man' if i  got stuck in the middle. *teruk teruk*

midsemester break

the holiday went well. i went to terengganu for my cousin's wed. entertained by yusuf n yasir throughout the journey (yusuf keeps on using the word 'encik' as i taught him during our drama play. he would go like saying "apa kabar, encik", "nak minum apa, encik". haha. fine! ciyam's fault. hehe. at least he learns how to address people nicely (skema yang lebih kot. ^_^). had gossips with the makciks (felt like i really have aged, though i'm the youngest among them). back from terengganu, i caught a flu, a perfect time as i was just about to begin running my projects the next day. huhu. in short, a well-spent holiday, alhamdulillah.

p/s: please pray for me, peeps! hope that everything will run smoothly and i'm able to bring out the best in me for everything, bi iznillah. till then, have a blessed life everyone!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

i'm back

it has been a while. i'm now in my 3rd semester and have to struggle for my thesis in the next one. LOTs of major things happened in the past few months. and recently i fell over and sprained my ankle. yes, blame me for my clumsiness. hehe. feeling guilty to trouble others a lot, 'ala kulli hal, alhamdulillah for this test given by Allah.

forgive me if i'm getting obsessed with my fav lecturers. got another class with dr burhan this semester and he still remember me. yeay! and get to know dr syed alwi in stress management class. the course really suits it's title. my eyes were filled with tears due to the joy and contentment i felt during the first lecture (as if my 'imaginary' depressive illness starts to subside). lol. i took another independent study with him for my anthropology subject (influenced by the movie, Nanny Diaries!. haha). hopefully Allah will ease and bless my knowledge-seeking journey throughout this semester. ameen.

some updates about my three lil musketeers (yusuf, yasir n umar). yusuf enrolled into little caliph kindergarten this year and now he can recognized phonics characters n memorize solah's recitation (though he usually perform facing the other way around from the real qiblah. hehe). yasir, sometimes throw his tantrum but yet his 'cheeky' face is always charming. whilst, umar is still struggling in his walking lesson and tries to catch up to his other cousins. go, umar, go! ^_^

really need to organize my life accordingly. have yet to finish my proposal for child psychology subject. sometimes this perfectionism attitude almost kills me. till then. have a productive life, everybody!

p/s: aiming to write persistently. will share something that keeps on bordering my mind lately with all of you, soon. ^_^