Monday, November 9, 2009

Labbaikallahumma labbaik...

"i saw a local Arab who was looking for his shoes. when he couldn't find it, he looked at me and said with a grin on his face "Alhamdulillah", "sadaqah".

instead of getting upset and cursing, he is thankful and considers that he just made a donation. it was a miracle that he can remain thankful even something bad has happened to him and he had to walk home barefoot. this kind of things is something that you read in books on the character of the Prophet s.a.w and his companions but I witnessed it being practiced with my own eyes."

this was an experience of a man who was so baffled as to what good deeds he had done to deserve him of being in the most blessed place on earth, Baitullah.

being "honoured" by Allah
All the pilgrims are actually the 'honoured' guests of Allah. it is wrong if they they have the thought that they are worthy to be in the holy city because they have done substantial 'amal' to deserve such an honour. Allah is the One that had chosen them to be there.

Long list of supplication
i could still remember a few years back, when my uncle and aunt went to Mecca for hajj. they were asking me what i would like to entrust them to make supplication. "erm, 4 flats for every semester, and becoming more prosperous". it was simply uttered out and thus my supplication was included along with other "worldly" long list of supplications that they brought to hajj.

only now then, i do realize how most of us are longing for divine intervention in the worldly problems we are facing: cure of sickness, better wealth and prosperity, securing government contract, good zauj/ah and so on.

it's very rare to find people entrusted the pilgrims to ask for forgiveness for them. i myself at that moment did not put repentance as my first priority. what i falied to realized at that moment was that the only thing that a servant should really wish for with all his/her heart is forgiveness for all the mischief he/she have done on this earth. the most precious thing that one can have is the realization of repentance.

only now, we seek for His help
most of us pray the obligatory five daily prayers and if we do anything extra, it is because we want something from Him. we never miss tahajjud during our examination period. we refrain ourselves from the sinful gossips (is there any permissible gossip? ^_^), and other side activities that may distract our focus to finish revising the 4 months' syllabus in just 2 days. how pious we have turn into during this examination season. oh, how i wish everyday is examination day so that i can be pious all the time. ^_^

if we want to have a prosperous and good life, put the Creator first before anything else and have the conviction that whatever happens , it is for the best and Allah is for surely the best of planners.

p/s: happy eid everybody (walaupun lambat lagi). i can't explain how i feel whenever is see the sea of pilgrims in their white ihram, around the ka'abah. how lucky they are. i wonder when i will be invited by Him to be there. when i will be able to set foot n the holiest mosque and ask for forgiveness for all my sins. will i be able to be there before the 'ajl comes and take away my last breath?

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