Tuesday, December 3, 2013

my birth experience - part one

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal. It took me a while to jot down in here. it's the trauma i think. Finally, alhamdulillah lil sarah ibtisam was born on 9th oct 2013 through lscs (far beyond my expectation - of course lah kan semua org bercita-cita nak bersalin svd). gentle birth? not so gentle i guessed. haha. 'ala kulli hal, alhamdulillah. 

The drama
So it all begins when i reached my edd on 1st oct. Abang n i went to klinik desa n showed the scan film we had last weekend. Efw showed the baby is 3.8kg! (i cried after having the scan, scared that the birth process wont be so easy for macrosomic baby. Feeling guilty as well, thinking what have i done that the baby had grown so big! I even felt like blaming people around me that keep on saying "takpe, makan je", when i have doubt to entertain my cravings during the last stage of my pregnancy. Huhu. Btw, i only gained 9 kg throughout this pregnancy). 

Ok, now back to klinik desa, the nurse then asked abang n i to go straight to klinik kesihatan. So we went there and another scan - 3.6 kg, the doc referred us to hospital serdang. Packed some food, abang n i went to hospital serdang. Another scan, 3.4kg and she repeated, it was 3.5kg. The specialist there suggested for induction afraid that the bby will grow bigger. So, we have to come again tomorrow as there was no empty beds (padah hospital sistem komputer-they cant accept more patients when the beds are fulled).

Hospital Kajang
The next day, with very much positivity, abang and i went to hospital serdang. I googled about iol, and people said that it's far more painful than normal labor. I waited and waited but the doctor said there is no empty bed. I felt so terrible watching women managing their contraction pain at the plastic chair waiting for empty beds at the labor room. "Ada hikmahnya aku tak bersalin lagi," that's how i felt. I asked the doctor to refer me to hospital kajang. At least, my aunt, cik normah is there. Refused to go there with ambulance, i signed the aor (at own risk) doc, and went to hospital kajang with abang. Another scan done, it shows 3.3-3.4 kg, even VE was done and obviously the os was fully closed. The doc suggested that i waited for another one week and come again next week on 7th oct if i havent delivered yet. Seriously? however, i'm happy enough to go back home and enjoy another week leisurely at home.

But little sarah just love to stay in there. Too comfy i guessed! Bloated with too much air jampi n doing all the tips they gave me to hasten the birth (makan sirih la, air zam zam, squatting, n even walking til the hideous elephant's leg showed up; just name it. I've tried it all). The last day before the awaited day, abang n i went to see mbah som (my grandma who is also a former tukang urut). Mbah said, "senget ni. Tak masuk betul lagi". Oh my! So the next day, i went straight to hospital kajang. Emotionless! (penat kot asik ulang alik hospital), n straight away being warded. Too bad abang couldn't stay with me n i can only be with him during visiting hours.

Finally IOL
The first prostin was inserted at 6 am after i had my subuh prayer. Lying on the bed for 1 hour, then only i can move around. At 10 am, abang arrived n still no sign of giving birth. Even when my parents in law came at noon, i can still senyum-senyum kambing. Then the second dose of prostin was inserted at 2pm. During asar, i started to feel the pain. Macam lenguh-lenguh manja senggugut gitu. Had another VE at 7pm and the doc said the os was still closed. I cried (bukan sebab sakit tapi sebab doc kata tak buka langsung, walhal sebenarnya dah buka 1 cm). 

I called abang during isya' crying over the intense pain i felt. Then, finally the 'show'. The contraction was then started. At 10 pm it's already 3 in 10. I told the nurse and ve showed 3 cm. Alhamdulillah. Ada jugak progress. Then, cik normah, mak n k la arrived. It must be abang who told them that i cried, Cik normah accompanied me through the whole painful night ever- bearing with the pain that became more and more severe til the next morning. (abang too was there, except that he stayed outside, sleeping in the car, and peeked through the window of my room from time to time. Pathetic isn't it?). given one shot of pethidine that night; cik normah suggested that so i can sleep and rest a bit before going to the labour room the next morning.

took some dates and bread while bearing with the pain before i was sent to LR. the pain. let me tell you. orang kata sakit kena induce lagi teruk dari bersalin biasa. it's true (walaupun tak pernah bersalin. lol). very true. 11 am, it was only 4cm. and during noon, they started to start the  pitocin to trigger the contraction. "CTG tak cantik and tak banyak progress", said the MO. i kept on asking, "perlu ke?", knowing that the pain will be worst after that. and i was right. they changed my sarung 3 times as blood oozing out each time i felt the contraction. *even abang later said that memang bau hanyir when he entered the room*. by 5pm, the specialist came. VE done twice i guessed. 5 to 6 cm around that. an hour was given to me, to give another chance for me to have normal delivery. but there was still no progress after that. pasrah, redho, i underwent lscs. 

the nurse forgot to give me premed before i was sent to OT. to make it worse, there was pitocin running down my IV drip when i was sent to OT. contraction all the way till i struggled to stay still when they gave me epidural. nangis2 sambil cakap, "macam mana saya nak duduk diam, tengah contraction ni". 'ala kulli hal, i felt much serene in the OT. cik normah was also there. even the doc recited basmalah, selawat, which made me felt relieved. "Uwek!!!" i heard sarah cries for the first time. alhamdulillah. that's all i can say. they showed me sarah, and asked me the gender. "baby girl. assalamualaikum sayang" and i kissed her cheek.

to be continued...


  1. humm, kalau sempat, update la lagi..x sabar nak baca.. =)

  2. Ummu Sarah!! uhu nak nanges pulak baca ur experience, same with my sis, kena induced jugak dia..'ala kulli hal, semuanya selamat alhamdulillah :), the cute and solehah lil sarah is in ur hugs now, smile and syukur ^_________^

  3. mary: rasa memang nak membebel cerita kat kamu semua benda. tapi nk tulis dalam blog banyak kena tapis. hihi. nnt update lain ya

    fizah: alhamdulillah semua selamat. may Allah ease everything for u too. ^_^

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  5. hehe..insyaAllah..nanti ada rezeki kita jumpa ye..