Friday, August 2, 2013

Ramdhan kareem!

ramadhan kareem!

it's already the last phase of ramadhan. so does my pregnancy. i had went through 31 weeks and approximately for about one month to go. owh, pantasnya masa berlalu.

this ramadhan is far more challenging than any other ramadhan i've experienced so far. each day is a 'jihad' against lethargy and refraining myself from breaking the fast due to the extreme thirst. yes, Islam allows pregnant women to break their fast for some circumstances that may harm the baby or the mother, but like abang said: tapi Allah tak kata wanita mengandung haram berpuasa (macam orang yang datang haid), jadi mesti Allah akan beri kekuatan juga pada ibu-ibu yang mengandung untuk berpuasa. thus, alhamdulillah, 23 days had passed and striving to make the most of the last phase of ramadhan and aiming for puasa penuh this year. Allahumma ameen! ^_^(and another joy after being able to influence the doctor during my antenatal checkup to cancel the MGTT test. weee, takyah minum air gula lagi. hehe) 

owh, and this is my first ramadhan as a wife and mum-to-be. alhamdulillah. abang has been a very nice husband that will always strive his best untuk menjaga ibadah si isteri. sanggup tunggu si isteri makan sampai kenyang baru solat maghrib instead of having a light iftar and solat afterwards (sebab kalau makan lewat nanti bloated sangat time isya' and terawikh). sanggup tunggu si isteri terkedek-kedek mandi after maghrib and jalan slow motion masa pergi surau untuk terawikh sampaikan masbuq almost everyday. hihi.  what else can a wife ask for other than seorang suami yang berusaha menjaga amal ibadat isterinya? Alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah. 

baby pun suka dengar walid dia baca al-Quran. i purposely slow down my voice whenever i read the Quran and let the baby hear the walid's voice. extreme pleasure bila tengok perut bergolak-golak kencang (i.e. the baby moves), whenever abang or i read the Quran. alhamdulillah.

ok. that's it. i jotted all these so that one day i can look back and remember how great my ramadhan experience when i was pregnant. plus, kalau gaduh2 manja dengan abang, i can look back and remember all his kindness that i can never be able to repay. doakan semoga diri ini menjadi isteri solehah dan ibu mithali. Allahumma ameen.

till then. wish awal sikit. eidul mubarak!

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