Monday, December 30, 2013

My breastfeeding journey begins!

After i underwent the surgery, i was placed at the ward, meanwhile sarah had to be sent to nicu, she had a mild grunting after the birth and stayed there for three days to complete her antibiotics. So, i did not exactly breastfeed her for the first 24 hours. She was given formula milk when i was still warded. As people asked, "fully breastfeed ke?" i will normally answer, "sekarang ya, tapi masa awal lahir tu hospital bagi formula milk masa dia kat nicu".

Abang n i went to visit sarah the next day after i had my surgery. I was on the wheelchair. We handwashed (the procedure you have to do each time before touching the child in nicu) and i searched for sarah. Owh, she's such a big girl compared to the other premature babies. Huhu. She was on her nasal prong. I took her and cuddled her for the first time. Rasa nak menangis terharu.  I asked abang, "boleh tak sayang nak try breastfeed dia?". after having the greenlight from the incharged nurse, we began our experiment. Hehe. No milk yet i guessed but sarah sucked very well. She latched properly. Memang anak yang bijak, ameen.

Though i've learnt how to breastfeed, the authentic experience is very different. Too nervous and excited. A nurse came and showed me the better way to hold the baby, so that i won't hurt my wrist later on. She said,

"letakkan kepala bayi pada celah siku bahagian dalam. Bawa bayi ke badan kamu, bukan kamu bengkokkan badan ke arah dia".

Succeed. Better posture and more relaxed.

sarah's 3rd day of life. still in nicu. 

Expressing the breast milk
The next morning, i walked slowly to sarah's ward. Really slow, and couldnt wait for abang to come. My breast had started to engorge. I breastfed sarah and she cooperatively sucked my breast till i felt more tender. I tried to express the milk using the breastpump provided. Ask one kakak there, how to use it, then feeling so excited to see the milk coming out. Quite thick and yellowish and i believed it's the colostrum, the one that's very nutritious for baby. Managed to get for about one oz. Sikit je. Hihi. 'ala kulli hal, alhamdulillah. 

semoga Allah murahkan rezqi sarah untuk menyusu badan sehingga sekurang-kurangnya selama 2 tahun. semoga segala usaha untuk membesarkan sarah dengan setiap titisan susu ibu ini mendapat keberkatan dariNya. chow chin chow. sarah dah nangis nak susu  ^_^


  1. Happy breastfeeding hum..happy anniversary too..may your love lasts till Jannah..kirim salam Sarah untuk kte =)

  2. Ameen. Tq k marlina. Ok, done. Sarah kirim salam kat aunty mary dia jugak. <3