Sunday, June 25, 2017

Eid mubarak!

Eid mubarak to all!

I did not feel i'm truly success for the past ramadhan. At times, i just feel so weak that i have to break my fast, and use the rukhsah that has been bestowed upon breastfeeding mums. Guilty, yes! But i have to. I need to survive for kids. And if i can apply rukhsah for salah, then why not for fasting? But some people just don't get it. Laughing when they knew i couldnt make it on time to qadha my last year's fasting. And giggle again when they knew i didnt complete one month of fasting not because of menses.

I miss bangi
We went back to kedah for eid 5 days earlier, and since there will be kenduri on the 3rd syawal, we will only go back to bangi on the 4th. Redha? Yes, trying to. But i couldnt help for feeling sad, missing my mak and to have those silly sissy chats with my siblings. And a few incidents on the 1st day of syawal makes me want to fly back to bangi on the dot. Huhuhuhu

Overly reacted ummi???
I just dont know. I still cannot write what happened that makes me feel like such. Maybe one day i will jot down in here. But, in short. Please. Whoever you are. Whenever you want to bring someone else's kid/s, INFORM their parents first. Be a responsible and thoughtful adult. Just because I know how clumsy my daughter is.

May Allah bless me with serenity. Still cannot move on with what had happened.

No raya picture for this post. Not in the mood.

#cepatlah boleh balik bangi

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