Monday, June 20, 2016

Welcome to the world, Adam Basheer!

Confinement, day 20.

Ahlan to the world my lil mujahid. Alhamdulillah thummal hamdulillah. I safely delivered my second child on 31st may 2016, 10.08pm @hospital serdang. We named him Adam Basheer. Alhamdulillah i managed to have a vbac this time. But i will only post my birth story later. Too much to be shared, and remembered for our future references.

As for now, i'm writing this post right after looking at the pics of my bubbly first daughter, sarah. I shed some tears looking at the pics of me, abang and sarah, spending our last moments upon the arrival of adam basheer. Yes, suddenly i feel so sorry that i have to split my attention to the newborn while struggling to manage the pain after the delivery. More tantrums than ever (attention seeking purposes), sometimes people around me just easliy called her 'nakal'. This really disheartened me. I tried very hard not to call her nakal no matter how irritating her behaviour can be. 'Nakal', 'nakai', 'naughty' are not positive words. It's du'a, peeps! And it doubles my disappoinment as i dont have much energy to take care of her by my own during this very fragile period.

Kakak sarah,

Please hang in there. Once this confinement period is over and ummi is perfectly healthy, we can go back to 'rumah kita'. Ummi and walid miss 'rumah kita' as much as you do. Ummi cant wait to re-potty train you and start back our homeschooling session. Ummi rindu nak berdua2 dengan sarah, nak masak, basuh baju, jemur baju and simply doing every single thing dengan sarah. Please behave and be a good, exampalary, solehah kakak to adam, ok? Things might not be the same after this, but ummi prays that it will become better and more joyful with the new addition in our family. InsyaAllah.

Till then, ummi, walid and adik adam love u; kakak sarah ♡


  1. Hi humm..tahniah for ur newborn..selamat berpantang..take care ye..rindu nak baca tulisan humm..

  2. Tq kak marlina. Kita pun rindu nak menulis. Takde kawan dah nak bebel2 luah perasaan. Huhu. Ni je lah tempat luah perasaan. Hihi. Kak marlina pun take care ya. Ada apa2 update, roger tau :)