Friday, July 22, 2016

Eidul fitri 2016

Eid mubarak to all. It doesn't feel like raya at all for me. Still berpantang kan? Nevertheless, i gobbled up most of the kuih raya and did some food testing to the rendangs (seketul ayam kira sikit kan? Lol). Wore my all time favourite grey baju kurung (no new baju for this year, just a recycled one), did some photoshoot after abang and sarah came back from the mosque and then stayed most of the time in the room to nurse adam.

Reading to the current vaccination issues has made me become one paranoid mother. Of course i do! It was so devastating to go back and forth to the nicu right after the delivery and the last thing i ever wanted was to spend my confinement period at the nicu again. I got too scared to let adam being exposed to people. He stayed in the room when large groups of people came during the eid. I also hastened when abang decided to go back to kedah this coming august (those diphteria cases are very intimidating!). I thought that i had tried my best to protect my fragile baby.

No matter how hard i tried, Allah is indeed the Ultimate Planner. He Knows Best. Adam had sore eyes on the 4th syawal. He got infected from my niece (so, please don't be selfish to celebrate raya when you or your kids are sick. Just stay at home and don't let the germs spread to others!!!). It does not end there, two days later, me too got infected and followed by abang two days later. How pathetic was that!! Maybe we both were too tired moving back to our house, thus our immune system were depleted. Sarah too was sick. She had fever for more than three days and was on antibiotics. Thanks to the doctor who gave abang 4 days mc, or else i would be dead! So, there goes our eid celebration. Surrounded by sarah's pukes and tantrums, while having red, itchy, and watery eyes. One week quarantine at home. Pretty amazing, right!!! Haha.

Alhamdulillah, we are getting better now. Adam too had just circumsized, and alhamdulillah the wound healing is pretty good. One week left before syawal ends. Hopefully we are fully recovered and can enjoy all the scrumptious foods during the open houses and kenduri this weekend. Allahumma ameen. :)

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