Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Week 34!


Done with my title as a student at home mom. Alhamdulillah i finally graduated last october. Phewwww!!! After much tears  and sacrifices, i finally did it! Thank you all for the continuous help, support and du'a.

As i scrolled down my previous posts, i realize that i wrote much about sarah. But still nil post about 'adik sarah'. Yes, i am now counting the days for the baby to pop out! I'm now at 34th weeks. Too busy to settle in our new house at bandar seri putra and coping with the active sarah while carrying this baby has left me very limited time and energy to do anything else. And yes, i still stay at home, as some people call it, SURI UMMAH.

There are so much things that has been playing around in my mind lately. I want to write about almost everything. About how do i feel about this pregnancy, our previous family trip to lombok, my antenatal class at hospital serdang, my baking experience to sell brownies, sarah's educational and toilet training plan, etc. And the list goes on. I guess that i just have to take one small step to write about all that. I need to do a few adjustments to this blog so that i can easily post anything via my phone. Sarah will be too busy 'accompanying' me when i used my laptop. Till then. InsyaAllah we'll meet again soon, my dear blog.

And dear baby, please hang in there and grow healthily! Ummi still has lots of things to handle and prepare for your arrival. Ummi, walid and kakak sarah love u! ♡

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