Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sarah yang sukakan manusia

Enough with all the sighs and sadness. Let me share the joy and happiness that surrounds my life. Sarah has turn into 1 y.o last october. Active as always and she has this one very unique character - SARAH SUKAKAN MANUSIA!

We clearly noticed this during abangman's kenduri. She refused to sleep during the day and kept on 'greeting' the guests. Even her cousins (the hosts) were upstairs watching tv! She greeted almost everyone (but of course depending on her moods as well). I brought sarah to usrah for a few times, but all the usrahmates were 'entertained' by her as she came, stared, babbled, nodded in front of each person who speaks! Ya Rabb!! I couldn't stay still when i attended talks as she would be too busy greeting other kids or their moms.

She got this tudung after peeking a baby and her mom. The lovely ummi gave sarah this tudung to calm her down. Haha. Sarah oh sarah!

Daie perlu sukakan manusia
I cant remember where i read this quote. Sarah has taught me well and she reminds me of this. How can you preach and deliver da'wah if you don't even like people? It will come to the point that you may deliver the messages with the sense of hatred and belittling others. The key here is to spread the love. It's not the person that you should hate. It's their wrongdoings that we should hate. Thank you dear daughter for the wonderful lesson!

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