Wednesday, May 22, 2013

baby bump!


ummi to be!
it has been a while. alhamdulillah, i am now halfway through the pregnancy - 21 weeks. the past 5 months experience was a bitter sweet experience. relapsing fever and cough, nauseous, dizziness, mood swings (pity my abang has to bear with this. hehe), unstoppable cravings for tomyam and sooooooooo many more. and i am more cunning to give excuses to almost everything. the most common excuses: "dulu tak macam ni pun, time mengandung je." hehehehe. ála kulli hal, alhamdulillah. i felt the first kicking 2 days ago, after days of complaining not to feel any movement. suddenly, this wonderful, tiny little creature in my womb gave the signal; as if saying - "i'm ok, ummi!". during the first kick, i was like, "betul ke ni?" then my baby gave a hetric kicking signalling to the ummi, "betullah tu". so ecstatic! ^_^

our dearest baby at 13 weeks
ummi n walid love u so much. hang in there, honeychild!

craving nak buat jigsaw puzzle walhal thesis tak siap lg. hehe. 
diligently struggle to finish it up in 3 days. ^_^

sweet 27th
humbly on my birthday, nak mintak semua tolong doakan. doakan supaya khamisah binti hj saleh huddin, jadi wanita solehah yang taat pada perintah Allah, Rasul, suami, ibubapa n jadi penyejuk mata pada insan di sekelilingnya. i am blessed to have a caring n loving husband beside me n wonderful family members and friends around. Alhamdulillah. thank you Allah. thank you everyone, whoever you are that has contributed to make me grow as who i am today. May Allah bless us all.

p/s: doakan my thesis yg tertangguh itu. semoga diberi kekuatan n semangat to settle everything up before bersalin. Allahumma ameen.


  1. Humm..selamt menjadi ibu..jaga diri baik2 ye..happy birthday..selamat menyiapkan thesis jugak =)

  2. Humm seorang yang struggle to succeed! Baby will keep kicking tanda support ummi dia!