Friday, January 18, 2013

Tying the knot

salam jumuáh to all!

Alhamdulillah wa thumma alhamdulillah. it's no longer a secret. Through His infinite grace, i am now a wife. the great joys of marriage however drag great responsibilities with it. I'm scared. I really do. afraid that i couldn't fulfilled the amanah that comes along with this new status. dear all, please pray for us, so that the marriage shall be blessed by Him.

i'm back
it has been a while. abang said last night when we watched julie & julia, "dah lama dah blog bintu-soleh tu tak bergerak". (owh, btw. i just figured out that abang was used to be the silent follower for this blog. Oh my! looking back on the ridiculous things i wrote, i bet that i wouldn't post anything if i know it in the first place. huhu).

i really have to sort things out and plan for everything properly. the tense will never stop i guess. after two disastrous months at the office and getting ready for the weddings, now i have to learn juggling the responsibilities as a housewife and my thesis (palpitations whenever the word thesis comes out. huhu). nevertheless, saya bersyukur, tenang dan bahagia (prof muhaya teaches this mantra to deal with stress).

mucho gracias
we (abang and i) sincerely thank our family members, friends and all that had been working sooooo hard for our weddings. we truly grateful for all the dua', wishes and lovely wedding gifts given by all. Jazakumullahu khairan katheera.

my other half
*abang, i know you are reading this.* he is now my ticket to jannah. i promise to myself that i will struggle to bring out the best in me and love him the most, next to Allah and Rasul. i love him. i really do. from the moment he said "aku terima nikahnya", i choose to truly love him, with kindness, faithfulness and respect; through every circumstance that life may bring.

please pray that i can finish up my thesis soon enough. have been stuck in this phase for too long i guess. till then, have a pleasant and blessed life, everyone! ^_^

p/s: jumaat pertama di bulan kelahiran Nabi Muhammad saw. jom hidupkan Sunnah! 

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