Tuesday, June 17, 2014

i'm still here

I promised not to write in here if i haven't submitted the first draft of my thesis. Alhamdulillah, i've done that the last two weeks. So here i am. still breathing alhamdulillah, gained some weight (urghh!!! menci), and trying to get myself to relax after the past 'disastrous' month.

Babywearing class
Abang and i attended the class last weekend. It went well and sarah was such in a happy mood. Have been thinking of buying a pouch for sarah and i bought one at manjakuhappy. it's the fastest bw material to use by far. but not so convenient to be used for a long period of time (eg. shopping). nak buat keje sikit2 kat rumah ok lah. aiming to get one ssc (soft structured carrier). tapi haruslah menabung dulu and do lots and lots of study to buy the most suitable one. 

anakku oh anakku!
sarah fell over from mak's bed this morning. it's the second incident after she learns how to roll over. taktau mimpi apa nak tidurkan sarah atas katil pulak pagi ni. dah lama sangat sarah tak tidur siang kat katil. huhu. ummi mintak maaf ya. when this kind of things happen, i'll tend to have a kind of feeling that say i am a 'bad' mom. huhu. i hope i am not. thank you Allah for giving me the opportunity to at least trying to be a good mom. she is now 8 month ++. has been eating a lot, especially when walid feeds her; and able to recognize significant people around her (nangis jerit2 bila nampak nurse yang cucuk dia masa 6 bulan, walhal nurse tu baru lalu je. huhu). the cewek2 part i think she got it from me. haha. 

the upcoming ramadhan
i don't know what to expect. i tried to give ebm to sarah few weeks ago (luckily she still wants to be bottle fed after 4 moths of exclusive direct feeding - malas nak uruskan pekakas breast pump. huhu). but my friend told me just to continue with direct feeding as pumping will make u more tired and having less product. doakan ya. semoga diberi kekuatan insyaAllah. semoga dapat melaksanakan ibadah dengan sempurna dan tenang dan sihat sejahtera. Allahumma ameen. i still have doubt, "boleh ke ni?", but mak will always say, "boleh", doa banyak2 and kena positif insyaAllah Allah makbulkan. so, jom reset minda! "SAYA BOLEH INSYAALLAH". boleh khatam al-Quran, boleh puasa penuh, boleh terawikh dengan tenang bersama sarah n walid @masjid, boleh bangun malam, boleh bangun tolong mak masak sahur (kantoi tahun lepas byk cheating. huhu), boleh manfaatkan masa n plan perjalanan hidup untuk masa depan, Allahumma ameen.

p/s: btw, the thesis story has not ended yet. i have not yet received the feedback from my sv. so until then, i need to pray so that there won't be too many corrections to be done. doakan ya. semoga semuanya dipermudahkan. Ameen,

till then, have a blessed Ramadhan everyone! 

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