Tuesday, April 10, 2012


ok. so i failed to fulfill my aim to write persistently. huhu. time flies so fast and i had a very tough time to catch up with everything. 'ala kulli hal, alhamdulillah for every kind of ni'mah bestowed upon me.


this the project that i have to do for my anthropology subject. to be specific, it's about "senoi dream therapy". "senoi"? i bet most of you never heard about it right? hehe. senoi is basically one of the Orang Asli's tribe found in Malaysia. thus, i went to bukit kala, gombak to find out about this a few weeks back. i couldn't stop smiling, thinking how passionate dr alwi in persuading me to go here. hehe. am not going to talk much about it now, but later insyaAllah i'll post my comprehensive report about it (cewah! cita-cita tinggi. haha)

more and more projects

i spent 2 days of my midsemester break at iium montessori. collecting data for my mini project of "sharing behaviour among the children". alhamdulillah, done in collecting the data, but yet to finish the written report (ooopps! not even start a single paragraph yet. haha). another 2 articles to be reviewed, one mini project for stress management subject, and the list goes on. seems like i shouldn't waste any more time, but i ended up watching 'running man' if i  got stuck in the middle. *teruk teruk*

midsemester break

the holiday went well. i went to terengganu for my cousin's wed. entertained by yusuf n yasir throughout the journey (yusuf keeps on using the word 'encik' as i taught him during our drama play. he would go like saying "apa kabar, encik", "nak minum apa, encik". haha. fine! ciyam's fault. hehe. at least he learns how to address people nicely (skema yang lebih kot. ^_^). had gossips with the makciks (felt like i really have aged, though i'm the youngest among them). back from terengganu, i caught a flu, a perfect time as i was just about to begin running my projects the next day. huhu. in short, a well-spent holiday, alhamdulillah.

p/s: please pray for me, peeps! hope that everything will run smoothly and i'm able to bring out the best in me for everything, bi iznillah. till then, have a blessed life everyone!


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  2. May Allah let you obtain great success for the projects, Insya Allah....
    I like that "sharing behaviour among children"...
    Nak share jugak satu hari nanti blh? =)

  3. Assalamualaikum my dear,
    keep up your good work... & mujahadah is the key of any success

  4. didy: ameen. alhamdulillah dah settle semuanya. boleh2. kita ada buat vid. tapi takleh nk share utk publish kat public. nnt bila2 kita send kat awak eh. miss u

    k timah: wslm. insyaAllah. rindu akak!