Tuesday, February 28, 2012

i'm back

it has been a while. i'm now in my 3rd semester and have to struggle for my thesis in the next one. LOTs of major things happened in the past few months. and recently i fell over and sprained my ankle. yes, blame me for my clumsiness. hehe. feeling guilty to trouble others a lot, 'ala kulli hal, alhamdulillah for this test given by Allah.

forgive me if i'm getting obsessed with my fav lecturers. got another class with dr burhan this semester and he still remember me. yeay! and get to know dr syed alwi in stress management class. the course really suits it's title. my eyes were filled with tears due to the joy and contentment i felt during the first lecture (as if my 'imaginary' depressive illness starts to subside). lol. i took another independent study with him for my anthropology subject (influenced by the movie, Nanny Diaries!. haha). hopefully Allah will ease and bless my knowledge-seeking journey throughout this semester. ameen.

some updates about my three lil musketeers (yusuf, yasir n umar). yusuf enrolled into little caliph kindergarten this year and now he can recognized phonics characters n memorize solah's recitation (though he usually perform facing the other way around from the real qiblah. hehe). yasir, sometimes throw his tantrum but yet his 'cheeky' face is always charming. whilst, umar is still struggling in his walking lesson and tries to catch up to his other cousins. go, umar, go! ^_^

really need to organize my life accordingly. have yet to finish my proposal for child psychology subject. sometimes this perfectionism attitude almost kills me. till then. have a productive life, everybody!

p/s: aiming to write persistently. will share something that keeps on bordering my mind lately with all of you, soon. ^_^


  1. yeay! humm dah update..cte la lg pasal kelas yg bes tu..kte pun excited dengar ;)

  2. mary: will update later pasal project tu. alhamdulillah got an A for it. thanks doakan saya.

    ain j: miss u too!