Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book series

1. What i believe by Tariq Ramadhan

i grabbed this book during my 'jalan-jalan' day with my friend, hafizah last month at Kino, KLCC. the price can afford 10 lunch meals for me. (kedekut tahap gajah sebab all expenses fully sponsored by family.hehe.) however, the excitement i felt whenever every page was flipped worth every penny spent.

i was having quite a hard time to finish reading this book, though it's not that thick. sometimes i really need to read the text repeatedly to clearly understand the author's idea. Nevertheless, very well worth the effort. i became more excited when i reflect some of his idea and relate it with my philosophy lecturer's kind of thought in the class.

the author, Tariq Ramadhan, is the grandson of imam Hasan al-Banna (Ikhwanul Muslimin). as the author mentioned himself, this book is a perfect introduction for those who are just beginning to understand his kind of thoughts, rather than 'googling' about him in the internet.

happy reading everyone!

p/s: going to have fun reading John steinbeck's piece of work. kena gelak ngan busyra sebab amik master tapi baca buku kanak-kanak. haha


  1. Wah, dh khatam eh?
    I xsempat usik pun N5M, huhu bergelumang dgn esenmen yg menggunung!
    Btw, blhla share his idea here, nk tau jgk :)

    Keep fighting hummy!

  2. next time kita ketemu, i'll share bi iznillah. i juz don't know how to put it into organized words. yet. hehe. alasan.

    u too, break a leg, dear!

  3. Nak pinjam!

    Jap. Berapa harga?

    I can't stand people read interesting books (on my judge) that i didn't read. Perasaan yang tak bagus untuk ketenteraman otak. haha