Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a retirement

had officially 'retired' from working in Pharmacy Nasra. now i realize how hard it is to get even a single penny. as the saying goes, "sebutir beras, ibarat setitis peluh petani". getting a job, and go to work, is not merely a routine that you have to undergo, in order to survive. it means much more than that. it is where you put your passion into it, and rejuvenate your niyyah every seconds to ensure the rizq that is bestowed upon you is blessed by Him.

zillion gratitudes...
i have to thank many people for the tremendous experience I had for the last 3 months. Thank you to all Nasra family, especially my Warta team (yes, including you kak yat. hee). my favourite quote of "saya dah biasa hidup susah" will always be kept in my heart.^_^

my besties: akma n kak faizah. (missing in picture k yat, si cantik)

new skills gained:
1. be a cashier, using UBS.
2. improve my maths, able to 'congak' faster than before
3. learn about meds, supplements, candies (untuk promote kat kanak2 cilik yan meragam. so la unhealthy. hehe), and even cosmetics (nak pilih bedak compact colour apa pun customer mintak consult. haha)
4. learn how to receive stocks, making invoices, bla..bla..
5. memorize the location of every single item. (lepas ni I.Allah tak jadi pelupa. hehe)
6. make my own bread (thanks kak faizah!)
7. stress management technique (how to continue smiling even when the customer marah-marah sebab tak kasi diskaun, or to repeatedly saying politely to almost 20 customers per day.."niquitin takda stok".)
8. influence kak yat to eat hysterically. hehe
9. how to read a payment slip (tipu! sampai sekarang aku tak faham camne fadhli kira. haha)
10. implement nursing. had many attempts of influencing the customer not to buy med, and go for natural method. sori. bos! hehe
*why bother to buy laxative, when you know in the first place u don't drink enough waterand don't take sufficient fibers in your diet? aduyai
11. scaring the laymen the effects of taking unnecessary antibiotics. pagi baru demam, ptg dah mintak antibiotik??
12. etc..etc...

that's all from me now. going to face a new chapter soon. mental, physical, emotional and financial preparation is on the run to face it. ^_^. May Allah bless us all.

until then, sayonara!

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